Flamenco and Tapas in Triana

This tour is an opportunity to discover the history of flamenco and its roots. The mixture of diverse cultures in Andalusia was the perfect breeding ground for the development of this art that is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We will start in the neighborhood of Triana, specifically in the Plaza del Altozano with a walk through one of its most emblematic streets, the famous Betis street, which bears the name of the river in Roman times. We will discover the history of this pottery district outside the walls of the city, which was a slum and the germ of flamenco art. After an introduction of the origin and development of cante (singing), baile (dancing), and toque (guitar) we will go to a very special place to enjoy the show. It is an intimate show with a great authenticity. After an hour and a wonderful "Fin de Fiesta" we will start a tapas tour in the same neighborhood. This will be a great opportunity to share our feelings after the show as well as to continue getting to know this Sevillian neighborhood of great legends and deep-rooted traditions. We will visit around three gastronomic spaces in which our palates will be beneficiaries of the rich culture that welcomes us.

This tour includes a historical tour through the neighborhood of Triana with an official guide, entrance to the Flamenco Show and a complete dinner-tapas tour with stops in some establishments we specially chose for you (drinks and tapas are also included).



*If you want to add a Flamenco lesson before the tour or make it private just let us know at info@sevilla4real.com

How long?: 
4h aprox
How many people?: 
Min 2/ Max 15
When does it start?: 

Everyday at 7:00pm

Where does it start?: 
Plaza Altozano (next to the Flamenco statue)
How much does it cost?: 
75€ (Flamenco show, dinner and drinks included)
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E.g., 29/03/2023
Fechas no permitidas: 
Monday, 4 March, 2019