Andalusian wine tasting and Flamenco Experience



Because Sherry Wines is what we drink naturally and instinctively when we enjoy Flamenco, is a perfect and unequaled fusion. Both Sherry and Flamenco are unique, incomparable to other wines or other music, yet when we open our senses and our heart to share and feel together the root, the expression, the common feelings, we choose Flamenco , and we pair with Sherry for a complete experience, not only in your nose and mouth, but your ears, and your soul. Is not a conscious decision, is tradition, instinct, old ancestral wisdom


Sherry Wine is old as the civilization in this area, we can trace back up to 3000 years ago, but is two centuries ago that Sherry Wine taste as it does now. And the same happens to Flamenco, with millennial roots but performed as we know it around 200 years ago.

So we had a long time to achieve the perfection..or to be close to it... and Andalusian perfection, of course. And is hard to explain, you must experience it!

Sherry Wine and flamenco music are not easy but are certainly fascinating, and once you get into both, there is no way out. They grow on you because this wine and this music can touch your soul. But for that, you need to open your senses and your heart. Come along to this sensorial travel to the essence of Andalucía guided by a sommelier specialist in Sherry Wines and passionate Flamenco artist.


Option 1: 90 minutes. Includes 5 different Sherry Wines starting with the dry biological, finishing with the sweet oxidative wines. A professional guitar player, and sommelier explaining ( in English) each Wine and each Flamenco style was chosen to pair the wines.

2: Plus Iberian Acorn fed Ham and Andalusian Cheese, selected to pair with the wines and the Flamenco  

3: Plus a Flamenco singer  

Maximum 10 pax. Prices from 30€ to 180€ depending on the number of people and option selected.

We can tailor this experience for you, your necessities and preferences, tell us your ideas! 


How long?: 
1,5 h aprox
How many people?: 
Min 2/Max 10
When does it start?: 
Daily except Mondays
Where does it start?: 
Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol)
How much does it cost?: 
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E.g., 22/01/2021
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Monday, 4 March, 2019