Extremadura: Culture and SPA

Take advantage of this great opportunity to discover three different towns of the neighboring community of Extremadura, one of the most beautiful and unknown places in Spain.

First of all, we will visit the medieval castle of Santa Olalla del Cala, with the help of a local guide we will be able to contemplate the spectacular views of the region.

At midmorning we will head to Zafra, famous from Muslim times and beautiful town where the Dukes of Feria established their residence. After visiting Casa del Aljimez, a great example of Mudejar architecture in the 15th century, we will taste an exquisite lunch in one of the restaurants preferred by the locals.

Later, we will move to Alange, a village with 2000 inhabitants that has one of the most beautiful spas in Spain, famous already in Roman times and adapted in the nineteenth century for medicinal purposes. Ideal place to enjoy a SPA circuit plus massage and get to Seville relaxed.

* This visit includes the entrance to the spa and a 35-minute massage. Lunch at Zafra is not included. The stay in Alange can be extended with accommodation option and buffet breakfast at the 4 star Gran Hotel Aqualange. As well as with special spa treatments.

Important: children are not allowed to bathe because of the water properties (babysitter option available).

How long?: 
How many people?: 
Min 2/ Max 4
When does it start?: 

Everyday except Wenesday

Where does it start?: 
At your hotel
How much does it cost?: 
From 550€