TOP 10: Good and bad things of Seville


-Too much hot during July and August, and to be honest is possible that the hot be horrible also in May, June and September. Good thing is that depends of where you come from maybe is not so bad for you, besides at 9pm everybody goes out and there are people everywhere, is fun! Also almost everyplace has air conditioning!

-Bathrooms in Seville are dirty. Unfortunately is like that, bars and restaurants are so busy that the cleanliness is not their strength, besides usually there is not soap.

-Seville is not the best city to drive and even worst: to park! Historic area is marvellous but if you come by car is better to book a parking in advanced or park the car outside the city centre. Is difficult to drive through the super narrow streets and there is lot of traffic here.

-Not many people speak english in bars, restaurants and shops.

-If you come during Holy Week (Semana Santa) the city will be collapsed everyday during afternoons and evenings. It is a beautiful time of the year to come if you are interested in our traditions and relogious tourism. If you are not is better to avoid this week of the year.


-You can eat great almost everywhere. Andalusian gastronomy is amazing and is also cheap. You can taste different tapas, good quality, high cuisine and all of it affordable!

-During winter time this city is not specially cold, you can be outside, walking and enjoying the sun. We have only a few rainy days a year. Is without doubt a good time to come to Seville, cheaper and with no lines at the monuments.

-Our life philophy and people is our strenght, how we live and how we are in Andalusia. Very sociable people, we like to enjoy little things of life, show and share what we have. Is really difficult to have a bad time here, the atmosphere of this city is really superb!

-This is a bike friendly city. If you like to ride a bicycle this is your city. We have lots of kilometres of bike line, city is flat and as we mention before the weather is amazing, that's why this place is ideal to do a bike tour!

-You can find an exellent culture variety like cinema, theatre, performances, concerts, parties...Seville is changing and the diveristy of events is big (usually in spanish). Surf the internet and take a look to one of the many Seville agendas you can find, you will have many plans to choose, mostly on weekends. 

To recap, Sevilla, like every other city has good and also bad thing, although, like a sevillian I can assure you the goods beat the bads and this is a very very special place ¿don't you think?



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TOP 10: Good and bad things of Seville | Sevilla4real, cheap cialis online canadian pharmacy <a href=" ">cost of cialis 20 mg</a> cialis originale online

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