Like every five of January and since 1918, next Monday will be the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos of Seville, which for 97 years has gone out in an uninterrupted way, bringing illusion, candies and gifts to children and adults.

What is the Cabalgata? It is a parade of floats in which the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar) with their pages, helpers and bedouins throw candies to people who see on the street. This 2015 will go to the street 34 floats and, according to the director of the Parade, Manuel Sainz, "another float has been made due to the high demand for registration and participation of children" called The Trojan Horse.

The design of the floats responds to stories and children's games timeless and easily recognizable by all. This year, some of the new floats are Egypt, Wizard of Fantasy, Noah's Ark or Pied Piper, among others.

There have also been other changes that will bring it closer to the pioneer of 1918, such as retaking the colors of the Kings: red for Melchor, green for Gaspar and gold / silver for Baltasar. And not only the color has been renewed but also the style of them. Melchor's carriage is in Gothic style, Gaspar's baroque style and Baltasar's is Renaissance.

More news for this year. The choice of children participating in the La Banda float was carried out through a children's contest between the members of the La Banda children's club, which consisted in explaining through a drawing what Kings Day and the Parade means to them. And the winners are the members of it.

The election of the who plays the role of the Three Wise Men, the Illusion Star, the Wizard of Fantasy, the Grand Vizier and Pallas Athena usually respond to illustrious personalities of the city.

In this 2015 will begin at 16.15 with the departure of the cortege of the street Palos de la Frontera and will be collected at approximately 22.00. As a novelty, the itinerary has been distributed in three sections, and to facilitate online monitoring of the parade it is possible to download the "Cabalgata Ateneo Sevilla" app for iOS and Android

Do not forget that our Parade begins on January 4th with the arrival of the Royal Herald, who asks the keys of the city to the mayor so that on January 5 the Three Wise Men from the East can enter the city; and continues on January 6th in the morning with the different horseback riding of the districts and towns of Seville.