Sevilla4Real & Slowtourism: What we want to become

What are you looking for when you come to Seville? What do we want to offer?

We have been thinking a lot about that lately and evaluating where we are going and where we want to be, type of client and product we want to specialize, which kind of tourism we want for our city. 

Nowadays millions of people travel everyday, each minute to another place, visiting different countries, looking for new experiences, wanting to know everything... Sevilla4Real still is a small company but exponentialy growing and we receive everyday many different requests. Bit by bit we realize the type of product we want to offer and what kind of company we would like to be. 

You hear everyday pitches about "Mission, vision and values" of a company, and it isn't till now, with a four years trajectory when we are starting to know ours.

We want a quality tourism for Seville and our region, we want clients who want to enjoy slowtourism in this area, not invasive, not large groups, people who want to buy to the local artisan and small shops, who want to acquire an authentic souvenir, gourmet products and no (only) a Prada or Loewe bag.

A client very willing to listen to recommendations, who want a local guide to discover the secret corners of the city, to enjoy an unique experience like a tradicional cooking class, ceramic workshop, an old palace tour, historic or theme tour, a day trip to the countryside or to know amazingly beautiful and unknown towns. 

This year, a prestigious magazine (Luxury Travel Guide) gave us the prize to the best ECO-Friendly tour operator of Europe, in fact our mission is avoid that Seville become in a amusement park, avoid a city full of goups of tourists collapsing the historic district with its big buses, the monuments with its large lines, cruises with people who spend only a few hours in the city... Our mission is to show you Seville and Andalusia for real, to whom want to really know it and not exploit it. 

We want to put the miths and topics aside and spread our real culture and Andalusian's history. Not give you superficial tours, our ambition is to leave a mark, that the experience with Sevilla4Real be unforgettable. Therefore we are changing some of our old products and designing new tours and routes for you, like an unique VIP Flamenco experience in Jerez or a tour to the special place of Riotointo Mines, small towns in "Sierra de Aracena" and other beautiful experiences in Sevilla. We love to look into our history, stories, hidden gems and corners, we love that the traveler really knows our region, artisans and producers of Andalusia. 

Come to Andalusia, take a look to our website and tell us what to do want to do here. We will create something very special for you. Reach us at






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