Andalusian wine tasting

I have been wanted to write about the wines of Andalusia for a long time. And the thing is that in Spain we drink pretty good wines and pay less that you do in the rest of the world, and in Andalusa is even better. We have here a really great variety (in most cases, unfortunately, unknown) of good wines that I have the impression, these are not valued and people do not drink these wines in the city but more in their origins places, the cost and little towns of Andalusia. 

Not long time ago and because of this fact we decided to create our new tour "Andalusian wine tasting" in order to show you, the travelers, this rich drinks we have, wines with good prices, great quality and really good to maridate with an andalusian tipical appetizer (like olives, cheese or iberic jam).

In our land (Andalusia) we have 7 D.O (Certificate of Origin), like the well known Sherry or Xerez, Manzanilla or Condado de Huelva. In the different areas we can find also different specialties like fino, oloroso, palo cortao or Pedro Ximénez. 

Is ok if you order in Sevilla a Rioja or Ribera redwine, but we can't forget our product, and we have the responsibility also to recognize the worth of our wines. An ideal plan could be have a good fish dish marinated with a Barbadillo, Umbretun or Privilegio del Condado (MiOro), a good red wine like Garum (from Cádiz) to match a good tapa of "solomillo al whisky" (pork sirloin with whisky sauce). Or a tipical orange wine when the evening is finish with a sweet Néctar glass of Pedro Ximénez, and what else do you need?!

Knowing our varieties of white, red and sweet wines is also a way to know our Mediterranean culture and the flavours that have been satisfied the most demanding palates.

Discover the most typical wines in the region thanks to the advice of our expert guide. You will also try local wines that are really unknown jewels. If you want to do this tour please write us to