10 movies and TV-shows filmed in Seville

Andalucía is a very exotic region! That’s why many film producers have chosen to shoot their films or TV-show’s here. The busiest days were in the 1960’s when Oasys (also known as Mini Hollywood) was the place to be where they shot a lot of Westerns. But there are loads of other films shot here, besides Westerns. We have made a list of movies with filming locations in our city of Seville. 


1.    Lawrence de Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia is an epic historical drama movie based on the life of T. E. Lawrence. The movie tells the story if this British Lieutenant. He had a great knowledge of the native Bedouin tribes in Arabia and helps the Arabs and the British in their fight against the Turks.

Seville was used to represent a couple of cities in this film: Cairo, Jerusalem and Damascus. Some locations are the Casa de Pilatos, the Alcázar of Seville, and the Plaza de España. The other interior scenes were also shot in Spain. 

Here are some places you can visit:

  •  Parque de María Luisa 
    The park’s Plaza de América and the casino were used as Jerusalem and Damascus.
  •  Plaza de España
    This is perhaps the most well-known location from the film.
  • Casa de Pilatos
    this Mudéjar style palace was used for meetings between Lawrence and General Allenby.
  • Réal Alcazar 
    Scenes from Lawrence’s arrival in Jerusalem were filmed here.



2.    Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Game of Thrones is perhaps the most well-known TV-show of our time… the court intrigues, the battle scenes, the scheming,… some if it took place right here, in Seville!

  •  Real Alcázar 
    This place is famous for becoming the home of House Martell in Dorne and the Water Gardens. Many scenes were shot here! We don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the show yet but you are going to love the scenes shot here! The filming was mainly done in Peter I’s Palace and the gardens
  • Osuna
    This tiny Andalusian town became the location for one of the biggest scenes in the show. They even brought a dragon to the bull ring! 
  • Roman Bridge of Córdoba
    This bridge over the river Guadalquivir was used as the Long Bridge of Volantis, one of the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea. 
  • Castillo Almodóvar 
    This castle was used as High Garden, the home of House Tyrell
  • Itálica
    This Roman city was used as the ancient Targaryen Dragon’s Pit in King’s Landing.

We offer a few tours to the locations used to film in Seville! Join us and discover the secrets! 

Game of Thrones in the Alcázar
Game of Thrones in Seville
Game of Thrones at Itálica



3.    Star War Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

The Plaza de España appears in this movie. For all the movie lovers out there: the Palace of the Naboo is completely free to visit and wander around. This movie tells the story of the threat of the war between the Clones and the Galactic Republic


4.   Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

This movie is set during the times of the crusades. The Real Alcázar was used as the palace of King Balduino in Jerusalem. It tells the story of a French blacksmith who helped defend Jerusalem 


5.    The Dictator (2012)

Our famous Plaza de España has once again been transformed to a palace for this movie. The palace in the movie is located in the Republic of Wadiya and is ruled by an eccentric leader (Sasha Baron Cohen).


6.    1492: Conquest of Paradise

This movie is about the story of Christopher Columbus. It’s only natural that some scenes were filmed here in Seville because it happened in real life! Some scenes were filmed at the Casa de Pilatos and the Real Alcázar. 



7.    La Peste (2018-…)

he story of La Peste is set in 16th century Seville during the outbreak of the plague. There are many locations which have been used during the filming. 

  • Real Alcázar
    In La Peste they used the Real Alcázar as the casa de la moneda, but also the private home of the nobles
  • Carlota Quintanilla Street and Hacienda la Buzona (Carmona)
    Carmona is a small city in Seville province. The Carlota Quintanilla Street was used to recreate the steps at the bottom of the cathedral with the slave markets. The Hacienda la Buzona was used as a market at the entrance of Seville.
  • Seville’s Gate (Carmona)
    he Puerta de Sevila was used as one of the many entrances to the city
  • Hacienda Los Miradores
    the insides were used for most of the auto-da-fe scene. An auto-da-fe is the act of faith and was a way of penance used by the inquisition
  • City Hall
    From here the councillors governed the city.



8.    Knight and Day (2010)

Director James Mangold managed to move the San Fermin festival to Seville in 2010 together with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The streets of Seville were used as a place where the protagonists flee from the villains. 


9.    Carmen (2003)

This is about the novel written by Prosper Merimee and is about forbidden passion between a young man and a woman wo has been promised to another. The original story about Carmen is about a gypsy girl who works at the Tobacco Factory. There are movies about this story, and most famously Bizet’s opera “Carmen” There are many varieties to the story, but the most known one is the movie with Paz Vega and Vicente Aranda.



10.    Mision Imposible II (2000)

This film featuring Tom Cruise presents our lovely city to the public. There’s a flamenco performance and even a scene with a Semana Santa or Holy Week procession! This movie tells the tale of Ethan Hunt who was to destroy a biological weapon…


You can visit some places if you’re interested in seeing these beautiful locations where they shot some scenes! Come with us and discover the secrets! We already offer some tours to some of the locations, but do not hesitate to contact us if you want a personalized tour. Write to us at info@sevilla4real.com


Starwars locations
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