About us

Sevilla4Real consists of people who love their region and share the passion they feel about it. We take you through the streets and monuments of Seville and Andalusia while we explain its history, personality, special features and customs. We try to make you travel along time, from the past to the present, telling the most important historical events as wells as the precise details. We also like to explain the way we live and how traditions are inherited through generations. Thus, we try to make you understand, know and love our culture, with its lights and shades, beyond stereotypes.

We are also travellers so we know you want to avoid the overcrowded areas, the big groups and the omnipresent “food for tourists”. Therefore we offer you the possibility to walk around the city with somebody who was born and raised here, to discover the particular places in small groups or private tours, at your pace, to ask all the questions you want in order to get in touch with the local culture and the small labyrinths that the streets and legends of Seville. The purpose is to follow the trail of the different past civilizations, which made possible this city and our way of being.

Our training is based in Arts and Humanities and we bring together our knowledge from Linguistics, Anthropology, Arts, Environmental Sciences and Tourism. We never stop studying, researching and increasing understanding in History, with an unlimited curiosity.

Our professional experiences are the different paths that prompted us to start with this project. We had worked previously as tour guides, in heritage interpretation and also as researchers in different academic areas. All these bring us a wide view about what we want to achieve and also an enriching exchange of opinions.  


Cristina: I was born in Albacete, a city in Castilla - La Mancha but I have been living in Seville for the last 4 years. It already feels like home and I am very passionate about the City of Seville. I came here because my roots are connected to local culture. I studied to be an official guide and once I was qualified, I started guiding visitors sharing Seville´s history, culture and gastronomy. I love showing the city to people from all over the world, it is truly my vocation. I hope you also can share with others this love I have for Seville.


Pilar Rubio: I studied Spanish Linguistics and History of Art, I love reading and researching about the history of Seville to create new high quality tours and to have always new stories to tell. Literature is also a perfect and available resource for that purpose. Painting and pieces of art in general are also one of my passions. Whenever I have free time I go back to the Museum of Fine Arts. I enjoy with night tours and I love Triana, sailing in the Guadalquivir River and explain how Seville was during the so-called Golden Century. I do not like the crowds and mass tourism, so I enjoy a lot with our small groups and private tours, where I can answer all the questions and doubts, learning in a close and intimate way.


Lola Rubio: I studied Tourism and History of Art, the perfect mixture of my two passions. I really enjoy showing the city to anyone who comes to visit it. I love Andalucía, its people and gastronomy, I love to share experiences and meet new people. I am the one who will guide you inside the monuments to discover the corners of the Cathedral, the Giralda or the curiosities and secrets of the oldest Royal Palace in the world: The Alcazar. I am one of those that during the Holly Week walks through the streets listening to the local radio to find the best places to see the processions. For that reason, I enjoy so much when teaching and explaining the most important festivity to anyone who wants to know about it. I like to travel and when I am the guide I want the people of my group to experience Seville and Andalusia like a local.

You can see all the tours and activities that we offer on this website. If you want us to prepare something special for you and your family or friends, do not hesitate to write to us at info@sevilla4real.com as we also create tailor-made trips and experiences in Andalucia.