What is Hanukkah? All of us have heard the word Hanukkah but most of us do not know what it means. Hanukkah is not the Jewish Christmas but is one of their most important celebrations and it coincides with Christmas because Hanukkah is also in December. The Jewish community celebrates the miracle of the Maccabees; in 2nd century b.C they won the battle against the Syrians and recovered the Sacred Temple of Jerusalem. That same night they lighted the candles of the profaned temple, they only had oil for one night but the candles were on during eight days and nights and that’s the reason why the Jewish have the tradition of light the menorah, a nine arms candelabrum that they put close to doors and windows in order that people on the streets can see them and remember the miracle.  

Jewish children play during these days with the dreidel (traditional toy that is like a spinning top) and is a tradition to be with family, eating typical food, giving presents, singing and praying together. Most of Jewish today are living in Israel and United States in some big cities like London, New York, Berlin or Madrid you will find every December some Hanukkah celebrations on the streets like concerts, shows or the rite of light up a giant menorah on one main square.  Sevilla4Real has wanted to write about this beautiful and unknown tradition in Seville because as we tell in our tour The Cultures of Seville the Jewish community was expel during the 14th century by the Catholic Kings, although we think is important to know about the different cultures, religions and traditions around the world. Happy Hanukkah!

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