Tapas Tour

Tapas are heritage for us, and a particular social way of life. Seville is the perfect place to live it! We will explain to you the history behind the tapas, taverns, bars and our traditions and customs. You will know the authentic bars in Seville while we tell you our favourite tapas. We can recommend you the best choices according to your preferences. Discover the real tapas with us and we will help you choose. If you follow a vegetarian diet, do not hesitate to join a tapas tour with Sevilla4Real.

If you want to have a drink later in an unforgettable place we will go to a very special terrace.  
Come with us and experience the traditional way of eating and socializing. You can not miss it!

How long?: 
Around 3 h
How many people?: 
Minimun 2/Maximum 15 people
When does it start?: 

Everyday at 1:30am or 8:30pm

Where does it start?: 
Centric point of the City, or tell us if you want to eat tapas in an specific neighborhood
How much does it cost?: 
55€ per person, including a local guide expert in Gastronomy who will go with you to 3 different bars to try different tapas in every place.
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E.g., 29/03/2023
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Wednesday, 6 March, 2019