Sevillian Azulejos workshop

Azulejos (Spanish tiles) are a true art form and Seville is proud to be their true home. They are very typical of Seville and Andalusia. Join us and discover the origins of tiles with us.

We will start by visiting the Museum of Ceramics, where an expert guide will talk about the production of different works, techniques and curiosities. Once the visit is over, we will go to a ceramic workshop so you can make your own tiles! In this workshop, located in the heart of the Triana neighborhood, you will be able to apply the techniques you have previously learned with our guide.

While you make your tile, a professional will tell you about the origin of traditional Sevillian pottery and how its fame has transcended the borders of the country. You will be able to mold pottery, apply techniques and paint your tiles as you want. This is a tour not to be missed if you want to experience the Sevillian tradition firsthand!


To make a reservation, write us at and we will prepare a workshop for you.

How long?: 
2,5 h
How many people?: 
Min. 2 /Max. 15 people
How much does it cost?: