Game of Thrones in Seville

Would you like to have a nice day in Seville? Are you a real fan of Game of Thornes and can't wait for the next season? If answer is yes we have good news for you: Seville Game of Thrones tour is here!

We prepare a complete day trip around Seville and province (Osuna town and Roman ruins of Italica) in order you can visit the sets of your favorite TV show.

To walk though the Water Gardes of Dorne, visit Meeren fightpit or some areas of King's Lading are some of the activities will do during this tour. All of these is in Spain? Yes, in the beautiful Seville province!

Sevilla4Real team has selected especially for you, official tour guides who will be your tour leaders all day. You won't learn only about the shooting of Game of Thrones but also about the history of these amazing monuments.

Can you imagine a better plan while waiting the next season of Game of Thones?


What we will visit

  • Royal Alcázar of Sevilla: The set chosen to represent the Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Theones. This Andalusian palace became in the private residence of Martell family, capital of their domains, Sunspear. HBO shot lots of scenes at its gardens, fountains and some rooms of the Palace. Alcazar was also the set of movies like "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Conquest of Paradise" among others. 
  • Itálica: In the roman ruins of Italica HBO shot one of the most important scenes during last season, the reunion of the main characters like Jon, Cersei, Daenerys...Do you know what are we talking about?
  • If you do the tour Saturday or Sunday we will also visit:
  • Osuna: A sevillian town where Game of Thrones used to be the set of Meeren, Dorne and Daznak pit. The filmed mainly inside the beautiful bullring of Osuna but also around "La Colegiata", Coto of Canteras and University of Osuna. 
  • Bullring of Osuna: The bullring is known because there was also filmed one of the TOP scenes in the TV show (more than 1000 people where shooting here and also one dragon!)
  • Osuna Museum: This museum has two rooms with a permanent exhibition of Game of Thones, called "Ice and Fire Hall" where you can see numerous objects, pictures, dresses and lots of thing the used during the shooting in Osuna.  


Why do you have to choose us?

  1. Our tours are always in small groups (top 8 people), in this case with a same passion: "Game of Thrones".
  2. You will be all the time with a specialist guide who will explain you all the hidden secrets and anecdotes you must know.
  3. Besides Seville you will have the oportunity to know Osuna and Itálica, two treasures of our province full of history and link to Game of Thrones.

Tour Includes:

  • Specialist official tour guide
  • Tickets of the monuments
  • Private Transfer 
  • Lunch



If you want to stay in Seville and need our help to find a hotel or apartment let us know when you book the tour and we will attend you. Also if you prefer our number is +34 628190516


*Important info: Osuna is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

How long?: 
8h aprox
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Min 2/ Max 8
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