Toros Bravos in a typical Andalusian Ranch

Explore the real lifestyle of Toros Bravos (brave bulls) in their natural environment, located in the countryside of Andalusia. These brave bulls are a special breed raised up to develop a natural instinct for fighting. Bullfighting is tradition here, abhorred or adored by the people. Seville is one of the cities that still have bullfighting spectacles during Feria (April’s Fair). This week is celebrated two weeks after Semana Santa (Holy Week)

We will take you to a traditional Andalusian Ranch where you’ll learn more about why it is an important symbol for us, how they are taken care, how they breed the morphology and behaviour of the bulls and the historic origins of bullfighting. Get the opportunity to see them close and visit different farms with a guide. At the end, you will understand the complexity and tradition of breeding the animals.

This excursion includes also Iberian pork products and Andalusian wine-tasting. The best and most appetizing product is the Jámon Ibérico de bellota (Spanish ham). It has a black label and comes from the black pig that is fed with acorns and grasses. Worth the try!

This tour is for animal lovers and people who are especially interested in Toros Bravos knowing where they come from. It also includes a transfer to the farm. Lunch can be optionally added if you wish.

How long?: 
4 h
How many people?: 
Minimun 2/ Max 15
When does it start?: 


Where does it start?: 
At your hotel
How much does it cost?: 

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