Rio Tinto Mines day trip

Río Tinto (Tinto River) is a little town mostly famous for its nature reserve including the river and the largest open-cast mining area of Europe. It’s located in the province of Huelva, in the southwest of Spain, 65km from Seville. It flows from Sierra Morena mountains until the Gulf of Cádiz. The river got its name because of its red and orange colours, which come from the iron and heavy metals in the water. Around the river there are many mining activities. Because of that, the water is extremely acidic and quite filthy. Río Tinto is approximately 50 kilometres long and nowadays cientists from all over the world come here to study this amazing area that is unique in our planet.

It has an important history full of stories about the Tartessian period, Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, Moors and so on…For years groups of people were searching for gold, silver or copper in th area. In 1556 the mining area was again discovered after a period of abandonment, so the Spanish government started to operate this area. A group was formed in 1873: the "Rio Tinto Company" to operate the mines and it kept going on until 2001. These people will show you the area and explain you lot of interesting stories about it.

Today you can visit the park and enjoy the nature. The most famous mine is Peña de Hierro, where you can find remains and a gallery. There’s also a museum, an old hospital, a British house of the Victorian era and a train trip that takes 2 hours (eveything included in the tour).


*Optional lunch

How long?: 
6-7 h
How many people?: 
Min 2 people/ Max 15
When does it start?: 


Where does it start?: 
At your accommodation
How much does it cost?: