Carmona+Sunflower fields

Carmona is one of the most beautiful towns of Seville, situated only thirty from Seville this village has an amazing heritage with thounsand years history from the Tartesios though the Phoenicians, romans, muslims and christians. We will walk together it historic distric to get lose in its beautiful and old squares and visit its impressive wall and Gates of Seville and Cordoba, the roman necropolis from 1st century with its paintings and tombs to finish in ist Palaces and most interesting Convents. We can not forget the most important monument: The Christian Alcazar where the king Peter the 1st as the Catholic Kings lived, to enjoy also the amazing views of Carmona's meadow from its terrace. 

Besides all of that we will stop in one of the many sunflowers fields we can find in that area to admire the most beautiful and represantative flowers of our province (only in spring-summer time)

If you want to life this unique experience and know the most impressive town of Seville come with us. 

Write us to and tell us what kind of day trip you want. We will send you an adapted budget to your needs. 


How long?: 
4 h
How many people?: 
Minimum 2/Max 8
When does it start?: 
Where does it start?: 
At your hotel
How much does it cost?: