Vineyards and local winery

In the wineries is possible to try the wines they produce and also to get in touch with the process of production in the land where the grapevine ripens. Curiously in the bars and restaurants of Seville it is difficult to drink local wines because Rioja and Ribera wines are more famous. However, from some years ago, many wineries in the countryside around the city are opening their doors to the public. They want to show how they produce the wine during so many decades.

In this tour you will know the inside of the winery, try the wines and have a walk along the vineyards. The perfect tour for wine lovers!


*It includes wine tasting and entrance to the winery with a specialist guide.


If you want to do this excursion with us, do not hesitate to ask us and we will offer you a personalized budget. Write us to or +34 628190516 and we will inform you of all the possibilities.

How long?: 
2h to 4 h approx.
How many people?: 
Minimum 2 people/Maximum 20 people
When does it start?: 

Monday and Thursday in group. Daily in private

Where does it start?: 
Your hotel or street point nearby
How much does it cost?: