Jerez wines and Cádiz

We will leave Seville and go towards the Bay of Cadiz. This journey will take us to the Light coast. After one-hour drive we will pass through Jerez where we will make a stop in the center of this old town to visit one of these famous wine cellars. This city is famous for the sherry wines and the horses.

After two hours in Jerez we will go to Cadiz. In only 30 minutes we reach Cadiz, known as “Tacita de Plata”. Our guide will take you to the city center. We will visit the oldest neighborhoods next to the Cathedral, the city hall and the main monuments of the city. In this tour we are going to discover the oldest city in Europe with more than three millennium of history. Then we can enjoy the afternoon in one of its beaches or walking the narrow streets of the Barrio de la Viña or El Pópulo.


*It includes transportation, guide, wine tasting in a winery.


If you want to do this excursion with us, do not hesitate to ask us and we will offer you a personalized budget. Write us to or +34 628190516 and we will inform you of all the possibilities.

How long?: 
10 h approx.
How many people?: 
Minimum 2 people/Maximum 30 people
When does it start?: 

Daily at 9:00 am

Where does it start?: 
At your hotel or a nearby spot in the street
How much does it cost?: 

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