#FAVMonument: Real Alcázar de Sevilla

This week is #FAVMonument that has a first meaning of the monuments that you can not miss in Seville: the Reales Alcázares. The Sevillian Alcazar is very spacious, so the visit is to be taken calmly and dedicate, at least, two hours of attention. We are going to highlight two of the places that in a visit too hurried to the flight some people let escape.

Located under the Patio del Crucero of the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla, there is a crypt composed of ten stretches of ribbed vault and three naves: a larger central and two smaller ones that are in the circulation space. They are built of stone coated with lime mortar and then painted. Dating from the fourteenth century and built to live there Maria de Padilla.

María de Padilla was the favorite mistress of King Pedro I, for whom she abandoned or had her former wives killed, and whom she made to proclaim a queen once dead and the archbishop of Toledo to consecrate her marriage in words. This legitimated their descendants for the succession and their remains could rest together in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Seville. For us it is one of our favorite places in Seville from small. It is possible to remain fascinated by the beauty of its interior, its color, the reflection on the water ... Even today we can not conceive a visit to the Alcázar without entering them. We believe that whoever stays for a long time observing the reflection of the water can blow up their imagination and pass on the love story between Pedro I and María de Padilla.

Presided by a central pool, this patio is one of the few spaces of the old Islamic palace of the Almohad era that are preserved in the palatial complex. It is also considered an antecedent of the Alhambra of Granada for its richness in decoration and proximity in the time in which both are built. The use of plaster as a building material and decoration is the result of the Muslim idea that only God remains, and hence the appearance of fragility in arches and ornamental details. Luckily it has arrived until our days.

If you want to know more about the Alcázar and know it from within, do not hesitate to contact us. We organize visits for families and couples as well as for school groups. We are at your disposal to let you know all the corners of this great monument.