We have to go back to 1932, but everything stars in 1931, when the Spanish Episcopate declares that the Republican Government opposes aggressively to religion, and calls for “the religious Reconquista, that must be the totalitarian ideal of the catholic’s activity”

As soon as in January 1932, a few brotherhoods decided not to make penance station, even when the city council and the government guaranteed the facilities for the normal development of Holy Week. Meanwhile others communicate that they are going to make the Penance station (LA O, Esperanza de Triana, La Estrella y Santa Catalina). In light of this division, they prepare a meeting of Big Brothers, before the chapter with their own brotherhoods, during the first week in February. The city council had already confirmed that everything is ready for the celebration, the chairs, the representations, the assistance of the president of the Republica…

The reunion was tense, with a big political character, and was followed by an editorial of El Correo claiming that the brotherhoods can not make their processions under a lay state that has taken the crosses out of the schools. The archbishopric insists that they must not go our to make the penance station. The dock workers union conform that they are willing to charge the floats, as always. The majority of Big Brothers says they prefer not to go out, before the chapters are celebrated. Then the chapters will vote not to go out, but in some of them with big anger arguments  and even irregularities reported in La Macarena. Only in the chapter of La Estrella wins “Yes” to go out. The conservative press will call the brotherhood “scabs”. The other brotherhoods decided to replace the procession by a watch in the Monument of the Cathedral.

February , 21st, in a meeting celebrated in the bullring. Jesús Pabón, local lider  of Acción Nacional, said: “ precisely is the political who wants that the botherhood go out, and is the religion who has refused… we will no celebrate Holy Week until the Religion is in triumph”. Two days before the paper EL Noticiero denounced that Sevilla was drifting: the enemies of the Republica are going to block the celebration of Holy Week because of the fallacy of a small and anti-christian spirit of revenge from monarchists and conservatives, who had taken hold of the brotherhoods to prevent the celebration and create problems to the Republic, presenting the government as abnormal and insecure and unable to hold the festivities. IN short: a true boycottto the government exploiting the brotherhoods and stabbing the Holy Week.

We have to point that the Reoublican City Council , defended the normal celebration, guaranteed the security, the organization, the benefit fot the fraternities…the council had attended the funeral of Sor Ángela, and had dedicated a street to the nun. So “anti-Catholic” it was.

Maundy Thursday a vast multitude went to the door of La Estrella, standing ovation when they opned the doors and cheering the Holy Week. The municipal brass band accompanied the Virgin, wich took long time to reach San Pablo because of the inmense crowd.

Various incidents happened: IN la Magdalena there was uncontrolled running people because a few protesters and strikers of the bartenders union. IN Velázquez street someone threw to the Virging a heavy object identified as an “imperfect bomb”. After a triumphal entrance in La Campana, they threw a stone to the Christ, but the aggressor was arrested and saved from been lynched by the people. In San Francisco the Mayor received the brotherhood, gave them the subsidy and bunches of flowers. IN the door of San Miguel, next to the Cathedral someone shooted to the Palio, causing panic . They arrested the alleged offender, an anarchist who always claimed to be innocent. The way back to Triana was triumphal and the crowd was huge, cheering and saluting the images, countless saetas were sung. However this was ignored by the conservative papers that wrote at great length about the religious acts in the Cathedral.

It is hard to believe how this facts have been distorted and misrepresented over the decades, to make people to believe that La Estrella went out against the Republica! When the truth is the opposite, LA Estrella was the only one who dared to break the boycott of conservatives against the Republican government!.



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