Top10 souvenirs of Seville

Frecuently you ask us about the best souvenirs to buy in Seville. So today we bring you the best selection of local art and artesany to take home. 

We are fascinated about the objects of the company Tuki&Co they are arquitects and designers. Besides their beauty and originality we love their prices! The objects are light (easy to pack) and cpuld be a beautiful gilf for your family and friends. You can choose between differents designs: Catehdral. April Fair, Holy Week... The sell online and also in many little shops of the city, inside the museums and at the Catehdral or Alcazar Palace. 

Also from Tuki&Co,  the images of our famous folk singers and Virgins (main picture) 

Giralda 3D Puzzle

Perfect for handycraft lovers. You will find these at Cuevas, at Plaza de San Francisco. 

Paper mockup of a procession  

Indicated for handycraft lovers, children and all ages. You can find different models of these paper mockups (recortables de cofradías)! Price and lightness to transport them are a bonus! You can buy them in book stores and souvenirs shops for 10€ aprox. 

Las Moradas, artesany in Santa Cruz neighborhood

At Doña Elvira square you will find this small and amazins shop. Las Moradas, is like a cave full of treasures, where you caould find lots of differents ceramics, wood, leather or silk products... All of them with an exquisite taste. Our favourites are the purses, diary, wallets and leather bracelets. 

Relicario y Cía

We absolute love the brooches with iconic illustrations of andalusian art that this artisand make. You can order through her Facebook and she will personalized your jewel. Prices between 12 and 24€ and shipment to Europe and USA.

Gitana of Flamenca dolls

If you want something really authentic maybe you still can find one of this vintage dolls (take a look in Sierpes street). Unfortunately the family company that manufacture these dolls closed some years ago...soon probably the prices rise up!

"Flamenca" shoes for little girls

Any girl will love these shoes! Buy them at Shoes stores (zapaterías) in the city centre and verify that they were made in Spain, high quality and prices between 16 and 20€. He have seen these shoes at Cordoba street (next to Salvador Sq), Mesón del Moro street (Santa Cruz neightborhood) and Avenida de la Constitución (where the Cathedal is)

Triana Ceramics

Around Triana's market and the "Ceramics interpretation center" you will find lots of shops specialised in ceramics, also workshops where you can paint your own piece of ceramic and have a good time looking for that special souvenir. Usually you can also order an special and personalized product for you and they will send you the piece to your country. If you buy one of this you are bring you home a bit of this millenial tradition.

Abanicos (Fans)

Every andalusian woman has a fan in her purse. You can use it to refresh yourself when there is too hot, or to avoid bad smells, aliviate the fatigue or a headache. So you need one of these! Besides fans are beautiful, light and cheap (some of them). From 5€ till...whatever you want to spend, depends on the wood, the bars and the materials, if the fan is hand painted and the fabrics...

In short, there is a fan for each one, (also special fans for men) and for every pocket. You will love ZADI o DIZA  (Tetuán and Sierpes st) where you can find variety and lot of tradition selling fans. Ask and take the piece of advice. Another beautiful place to buy your unique fan with your name on it is at Callejón del Agua street (Santa Cruz neighborhood). 

Mantones de Manila

Here we can find two ranges: embroidery by machine and by hand. Also the fabric like sintetic silk or natural. Obiously you will be able to see the different of prices. Colour range and motifs are enormous so best option is to take a look only what we can buy. Mantones prices come from 20€ to 5000€.

The origin of this garment come from China, but they used to export them to Manila where the Indias floute where. Mantones of Manila where very popular in 18th century and nowadays is a very special thing to where in weddings, gala ceremonies and April Fair (great occasions). We absolute love Juan Foronda shop at Argote de Molina st, a typical sevillian house where is an authentic experience to buy. 

There are, of course, more amazing, small and authentic places in Seville and you can discover all of them with our service of  Personal Shopper!! If yu have any question please write us to: