TOP 5: The most beautiful squares in Seville

Seville is a very special city, and one of the reasons for that is that the city is full with amazing squares. So today we want to do this TOP 5 of the most beautiful squares of Seville city, not the most popular but the most important and significant for us, without doubt all of them are worth to know.

  • Plaza de San Lorenzo

If you like good food and Holy Week you will love this one. The most popular brotherhoods are here and some of the most popular bars of the city, San Lorenzo is a good place to have some beers, typical wine and feel the atmosphere of the city. Two of us grew up in this square and that is why is so special for us.

  • Escuela de Cristo Square

In the middle of Santa Cruz neighborhood (Ximénez de Enciso with Carlos Alonso Chapparo alley) if you are lucky you will lost and find this hidden gem. It is a private square that belongs to a school, during the evening is close but always open during mornings, there a school and a church where you can listen to service in latin on Sunday morning. It is like time travelling when you are there, only with the birds and the sun through the oranges of Seville's best hidden secret.

  • Santa Isabel Square

It is another of those hidden little squares of the city, lots of Sevillians don't know this one. It has a marvelous convent façade in the center and is one of the most quiet squares of the city, so is a good place to sit a little bit, relax and read your Seville guide book.

  • Lucero street/square.

It is not a square but a street with a square shape. In front of the big square of Jose Luis Villa and San Blas street. It is one of those places, perfect to live, in the city centre but quiet and beautiful, with the old stone pavement and all those trees.

  • Marketplace of Feria Street

Surrounding the food marketplace of Calle Feria you can find at least three different squares, all of them with tables to sit and have some tapas, enjoy the sun and the good weather of the city and feel the flavour of the oldest market of Seville. The market every year has new little stalls to buy pasta, croquetes, to eat rice and fried fish, during weekends it is always crawled but during the week is calmer and very nice.


Hope that you enjoyed this TOP 5 and come to discover these Sevillians' squares with Sevilla4Real. If you have been here already, please leave us a comment saying your favourite square.