TOP 5 "mercadillos" (flea markets) in Seville

Seville is a 365/7 sunny city and we are lucky because here you can find some of the oldest flea markets in the whole world. During weekends the city is full of life and the streets markets offer is assorted. Here you go our Top5.  


Mercadillo de Arte del Paseo de la O

Foto de


This street market is situated in Triana, the other side of the river. You will find here lots of artisans selling their products like jewelry, paintings, wood or fabric toys...little bit of everything. Saturday and Sunday mornings. 


Mercadillo de arte de La Plaza del Museo

Foto de


This is the most "artistic" one of the city. Real painters come here every Sunday morning to sell their paintings. You can find here oil, acrylic, watercolor and other forms and sizes of art. Sevillian people use to walk to this market and buy paintings. Is not especially cheap but interesting and a good place to buy a beautiful souvenir.



Mercadillo del Jueves de la Calle Feria (main picture)


This flea market is the oldest one in the world, the king Ferdinand 3rd approved it in 13th century, ever since in this street you can sell and buy practically everything: antiques, books, clothes, decorations and "brics a bracs". There is one regulated area and another one that is more "free" with blankets on the floor and lots of strange things. This market is always crowded and without doubt is a real and authentic sevillian experience walk throught calle Feria during Thursday morning. 



Plaza del Cabildo: philately and numismatics market

One of our favorites, in the middle of the city center (Cabildo Square is in from of the Cathedral) and one of the most beautiful flea markets that I have ever seen. Specialized in coins and stamps you can also see old publicity bullfight posters, small pieces of decorations and even classic jewelry. It worth it to take a look on Sunday mornings.



Nativity Market (Avenida de la Constitución, during Christmas time).

Specialized in Nativities, this Christmas market is so special and the biggest one of this king in the world. Sevillians and travelers like to come and take a look to the difference nativities shapes, sizes and materials. Some of them cost more than 1000€ but you can also buy one for less than 5€. Nativities are typical from Spain and could be a very good option to learn about our traditions. 



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