Top 5 Best Smells of Seville

Travelling is an experience you can feel with your five senses. And the smells of the different visited places can mark your memories forever. If you are visiting Seville in a near future, these could be the smells of Seville would take your attention more.

1.Orange Blossom

Orange trees are all around the city. During the winter the trees are full of oranges and during the spring they are flourished. Some foreign people would think there are bottles of perfume spreading this smell in the streets because it is very intense. That is the reason why orange blossom is in the first place of the list. Warning! Do not eat the oranges, they are bitter. The sweet oranges are growth in the countryside, but those in the city are just to decorated and give the smell in the streets. In England, for example, is very famous the marmalade made with seville oranges.

Other flower that smell very good is the rose. In America Square (Maria Luisa Park), there are hundreds of roses that flourished in the month of May. If you are in Seville next May, do not forget to go there and enjoy the beauty, the sun and the gorgeous smell from the roses. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum or feed the pidgeons.


In Seville you can smell the incense not only in the churches, also in the streets, specially during the Holy Week (Semana Santa), as it is an smell that always go with the religious processions. The rest of the year you can find incense in Antigua Cerería del Salvador and also in the close street Cordoba.

Incense at the entrance of the orange trees patio of El Salvador Church. In Cordoba St.


Victoria Beckham said she could not live in Spain due to the smell of garlic all around. Her sensitive nose noticed one of the main ingredients in our gastronomy. Yes, we like garlic. And we also love cooking. In a globalized world where the people work so much that they do not have time to cook, in Andalusia many families still cook their food in their kitchens. It is very common to smell the food from the kitchens while you walk through the streets. And we think is just delicious.

Frying garlic in olive oil. This is the first step in many Andalusian recipes.

4. Tea and spices

There are different tea shops in the city and some of them show their products in small baskets at the entrance. What can we say? It is inevitable to stop there and feel captured by the smell of the teas and spices.

5. Fried fish

Seville is not in the coast, but we are lovers of the fried fish. Specially the so called “adobo”. Adobo is a special marinade made with vinegar. In the past it was used to cook the expired fish to hide the bad taste. Nowadays is just a nice way to eat fried fish. In Seville the “adobo” is stronger than for example in Cadis. And the most famous bar where you can eat adobo is in Blanco Cerrillo, at José de Velilla St. It is in the shopping area, and if you get lost in the area, you just have to follow the nice smell to find the bar.





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