Top 10 things to do at Seville Christmas 2019

Every year Seville get full of Christmas lights, flea markets and all kind of activities that dress the city with other winter and Christmas color. Although our sun still gives heat off these days nobody upset. Warm and calm mornings, shopping afternoons, lights and things to do.

This year we’ll risk a little bit more with activities to recommend and do these days, and not all are for Christmas. If you’re Sevillian or not, I’m sure you can enjoy this.

1. Nativity Scenes: Many of us already know that Nativity Scenes are a tradition very deep in our city, and it's easy to know it visiting the Nativity Scenes Market in Constitution Avenue, which is a Christmas attraction itself. You can visit these beautiful Nativity Scenes on foundations, churches, private houses… there are many places that have it and with very original designs. The majority part of this is free to visit, but you can leave donatives to them. We recommend to visit it during the mornings because in the afternoon are normally crowded. This year the recommended Nativity Scenes are a bit different and here are:

  • The Almohad Seville Nativity Scene, in “Baños de la Reina Mora”, 17th Baños Street. It has 1 euro as a donation.
  • The Neapolitan Nativity Scene, in “Casa Fabiola”. With Neapolitan figures of Ulderico Pinfildi sculptor from the Mariano Bellver art collection. In 5th Fabiola Street.
  • Mudejar Nativity Scene on Algaba Marquis Palace, organized by the Mudejar Center (Asociación Belenista La Roldana). The palace is situated on Calderón de la Barca Square.

2. Concerts: In some churches and streets, you can enjoy the “campanilleros” (traditional musical groups that sing carols and play bells, guitars and other instruments) and Christmas Chorus. Stop to listen to them and join their festivity ambient! Also, Lipasam (the cleaning company) offers some concerts for rock and roll lovers called “Rock&Round”. It will be on 6th, 20th and 27th of December in Salvador Square, San Jacinto Street, Feria neighborhood, Alameda Square and Encarnacion Square. In general during these dates is a lot of music around the city, more than normal: thematic parades and Christmas concerts that are all a tradition now, in places like Malandar (Musical Pub). And don’t forget the classic musicals as “the Nutcracker”. As you can see is all a musical variety to all the tastes.

3. Thematic Parades: This year this activity is a highlight and sponsored by Seville’s Aquarium, which is called maritime parade and will be on 28th and 29th December in the Center town, where the medusas and shiny stars will light the streets of Seville. Also, as every year will enjoy the Three King's parade on 5th January in the city Center and the 6th January in Triana neighborhood.

4. Ice Rinks: If you’re an ice skating fan or you want to try as the first time, we'll advise about the options that Seville has this year:

  • The most known ice rink is in Prado de San Sebastián, “Sevilla On Ice”. It is a classic for Seville's Christmas.
  • “Las Setas” or Metropol Parasol is converted in a little Laponia during these days and also has an ice rink, that when sundown it going to offered shows, entertainment spaces and workshops.
  • Alameda de Hércules Square has a big snowball of Lipasam cleaning company, where adults and children could enjoy playing with snow, an ice rink and a fake ice toboggan. A total newness.

5. Christmas Markets: As every year Seville is full of artisanal markets during Christmas, specialized in gifts, traditional sweets... This year, without count the already know “Nativity Scene” market, we can find the next places:

  • In Plaza Nueva, we can find the Creative Artisanal Christmas Market, one of the most important in Spain by its category in quality products, and also, it completes our walkthrough Constitution Avenue.
  • Walking a little bit further we can find the Alameda Christmas Market, which has artisanal products, typical food products like the famous Portuguese “boliñas”.
  • Prado de San Sebastián Christmas Market is also a big artisanal market and one of the last to close in Seville, until 15th January.
  • The Big Christmas Market of Nervión is one of the markets that have more leisure variety for all ages. Also, a few meters down the youngest can enjoy the famous “Cortylandia” shows.
  • This year also is in this program shopping center Torre Sevilla. On the main floor will be open the shops until 8th January and more activities like children’s entertainment, flamenco hand drum shows, parades and a Disneyland travel raffle.

6.  Sweets tasting and Christmas tour: There is something that is characteristic in Seville when this dates starts… the sweet smell that go out from nuns’ convents and invade the entire center when they cook all these tasty sweets. Even this year at the beginning of December was celebrating a convent sweets exhibition in the Royal Alcázar. Last year Sevilla4Real started with a Christmas tour during these dates where is include a traditional nun sweets tasting. Everybody that chosen it enjoyed the tour very much. Not only by the sweets and traditions in Seville, if not also the Christmas history in Spain, because every Spanish region has different traditions and is completely curious the origin of all of them. Would you like to enjoy it? Click here.


7. Alive Nativity Scene of Sanlúcar la Mayor: This village of Seville put on the sixth edition of the alive manger with more than 400 walk-on actors and a size that every year is increasing. This year the participants have recreated the Judea fields in an amazing way by the similar appearance in the Bible text, but also by the natural elements and characterization of the people, and obvious the Christmas carols. The trip to this manger will be available until 15th December and you can enjoy it booking it and by 3 euros. Take a look at this video.

8. Sevilla4Real local tours: If you feel more as the Grinch on Christmas dates, don’t be worry; I also bring you things for you. Every Saturday Sevilla4Real offers local tours to break with this December routine, with thematic completely out of Christmas theme. The tours are called “Seville of the Plague”, that talks about the bloody and dark history of Seville, and “Seville, Sex and Lust”, that talks about the way that sexuality was sawed in the different periods of Seville. The tours are very cheap and help to disconnect during a time for all these traditions and activities, sometimes oversweet. Normally we offer it in Spanish, but if you want to join in contact with us and we could find a solution.

9. Exhibitions: The December month is full of art exhibitions that are from Montañés to Picasso, passing through Ancient Egypt. Also, Cajasol Foundation has open three new exhibition rooms so it going to move more this agenda. The Bellas Artes Museum with the exhibition of “Martinez Montañés. Maestro de maestros” should be a highlight, and will be there until 15th March. Oh! And don’t forget to visit the “el viaje más largo” exhibition, a collection of the fifth centenary of the first circumnavigation to the world. In February leaves to other Spanish Museums. Anyway, I leave here the link for the cultural agenda of the “Cultura de Sevilla” blog with all this information.

10. Visit the rooftop of Torre Sevilla: The last newness these days, Eurostars Torre Sevilla 5* Hotel will open the rooftop until 27th December to enjoy the spectacular viewpoint, completing all these activities of the Seville program. It will be open from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm nonstop and with a price that could change by the age. If you never found the moment to watch Seville from the top, maybe now is the perfect moment!

Up to here come our recommendations for Christmas in Seville 2019. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you enjoy even more the dates in the city.

¡Merry Christmas 2019 to everyone from Sevilla4Real teamwork!



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