TOP 10 local business

In Seville we have an infinite number of shops, each one different and with its own peculiarities. But this last year has shown us that local businesses are essential in our daily lives. It is the best time to appreciate them and invest more in local products.

That's why we, at Sevilla4Real, wanted to put together a TOP 10 list of some of our favourite Sevillian shops. Don't miss it!

  • Mercado de Triana. This market is also known as the Plaza de Abastos and is located in the heart of Triana. It is organised in 5 long aisles. Strolling through them you will find a unique sensory experience, with a peculiar atmosphere. You can enjoy a wide and rich variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, sausages, seafood, etc., specially traditional Andalusian food. An extraordinary market not to be missed!


  • El Pasaje. El Pasaje is a restaurant that has different establishments in Seville. Each of them offers different experiences, from cocktails in El Pasaje Bar to typical Andalusian tapas in El Pasaje Tapas. As well as being a perfect place to eat, they also organise other gastronomic workshops such as wine tastings and cooking shows.



  • Wonder Vintage Sevilla. Do you like vintage clothes? This is the shop for you! It is located in Correduría street and offers a huge variety of clothes. This shop allows you to reinvent yourself ant to be different. You will not find anyone else in the street wearing the same clothes as you!


  • La Fuga. La Fuga is a very unique bookshop in Seville. It is mainly a platform for meetings and social action. It was created as a place where readers could meet to reflect, debate, learn and get closer to other people.


  • Productos de la Sierra. If you like to enjoy typical products, with gourmet quality food, this is your shop, which has the best food from Andalusia. Ham and sausages, cheeses, olive oil and much more. You can buy in their shop in Adriano street and also online through their website.


  • La Boite Illustration. Teresa Aranda is an illustrator from Seville who started this project to share her art. She makes all kinds of portraits, but not only of people, but also of animals! It's the perfect shop if you like art, want unique illustrations or even if you're looking for a gift, take a look at her work, you'll love it! 


  • Hiper Oriente. This shop sells Asian products, especially food. This oriental supermarket has all kinds of ingredients that are hard to find in other places. You can't miss it if you are a lover of this kind of food. 


  • Naturalmente Aromas. This is a very unique shop, where you can find natural and handmade perfumes, beauty and personal hygiene products and more. Here you will find the most classic aromas of Seville, which will quickly transport you to the city (in Sevilla4Real we also talk about the most typical smells of Seville here).  


  • Te&Te. They have 2 shops in Seville where you can find all kinds of teas that will transport you to other parts of the world with their flavour. It is an essential stop for tea lovers, where they will advise you on the best products for you.


  • Merkausado. This business is dedicated to buying and selling second-hand vintage and antique furniture. It is the perfect way to find unique furniture for your home, giving it a new lease of life.


If you want to rediscover Seville and see the local shops that the city has to offer, take advantage of this list to do so! This year has been a tough one for these types of businesses, and the best thing we can do is take advantage and invest in them. Do you have any other favourite shops?