Spring experiences with Sevilla4Real

Spring in Seville is absolutely spectacular, indescribable, you need to live it!

And besides the perfect weather, the orange blossom scent, and the cheerful atmosphere in the city, the Sevillians celebrate our most important festivals.

The HOLY WEEK is a true experience that you must live hand in hand with someone who understands and love it and is able to guide you through the crowded streets, the centenarian mysteries and rituals of the brotherhoods, the history of this complex galore of arts and feelings both religious and profane.

Every year, during the first full moon in spring, for a whole week, the city stops its normal life to live absorbed in itself and its celebration. The religious figures made during the best baroque, the old embroideries made with gold thread and silk, the silver and gold metalwork, along with the crowd, the incense, the music… you can live centuries in just one day, for example, going from the funeral soberness of El Gran Poder to the overflowing joy of La Macarena.

We can not simply explain the feelings and sensations (you must live it), but we can tell you the history, why, how, when, who…

Would you like to live this experience? There are different ways and activities you can do to complete your experience in Holy Week in Seville 2020:

Enjoy one or two processions from a shared balcony in the city center, see most beautiful processions in the best streets to live this experience like a truly Sevillian, or get a private house and balcony only for you, with your family or friends, accompanied at all times by an expert guide.

Contact us for more information and the extra activities and know from close this ancient and artistic tradition. 

Two weeks after the Holy Week, we have the profane festival: APRIL’S FAIR, originally an important and old livestock fair but today is the biggest social and aesthetic event of the city.

The entertainment and the party are moved to an ephemeral city, made with stripe fabric (green or red) and metallic structures, very simples and humble tents, but decorated with luxury, where the Sevillian makes a home for the week.

The horsemen and horsewomen, the horse carriages finely embellished, stroll in “El Real” showing off the best traditional Andalusian fashion. It is a genuine feast of color and images for the eye that you will never forget, as the taste of manzanilla wine, “el rebujito” (dry sherry wine with 7up), the fried fish, o the flying frillies when the Sevillians dance.

Would you like to experience this colorful tradition with us? We will give you access to the privacy of the celebration: “La Caseta", and we will explain to you the history, the functioning, and complex codes of this festivity.

Also, you can choose different options to live it as be picked up by a horse carriage through Seville until the Feria, where we’ll explain you the idiosyncrasies of this festivity, and have a typical lunch in a “Caseta”; or meet with us in “La Portada” of the Feria entrance, walk around the “Real” or Feria fairgrounds to finish in a familiar private “Caseta” to have a drink and snack together. And to complete the April’s Fair experience, there're some extra activities, as a flamenco show, learn some flamenco dance steps, or be assisted to dress like a typical "gitana".

Contact us to know more information about:

Email: info@sevilla4real.com 

Number phone +34 628 19 05 16


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