We show you the Sevilla4Real map. This small map is one of the gifts to thank our customers for choosing Sevilla4Real to visit the city with us.

A few months ago we have received this recent creation on the company and we are very proud of it. Because finally, we have our own map, but also because are ten establishments in the center of town that are participating with us to make a different map.

Why? Each one of the business that appears on the map is recommendations and have something special that makes them unique, different and definitely makes our map less touristic, full of offers, advises and this tourist traps that nobody read. The map is focusing on ubicate the visitors, remember our popular tours and share with them the authentic recommendations. Little business working with original and quality products, as the products of Sevilla4Real.

That’s why besides of show our map, we want to talk about the establishments of the map and whose shops you can find these physical maps if you want to take one for you.

The first stop that shows our map is “El ConTenedor” (1). It’s ubicated on our favorite part of the city, the North, concretely on 50, San Luis Street.

ConTenedor is a slow food restaurant, where the products are the most organic, fresh and well-sourced available in Andalucía and beyond, bringing them under the expertise of their local chefs. They have a simple philosophy; bringing out the flavors and enjoyment with each dish served. The menu has fifteen dishes: crispy rice, hand-made pasta, a wide variety of vegetables from the region, seasonal fish and the best meat. We strongly recommend you to try their delicious desserts too. They open every day and an advance appointment is recommended.

If we follow the points on our map, walking to “Las Setas” direction, at the back of Imagen Street, we could find our next stop on 1st Santillana Street, “Flor y Pondio” (2).

This shop is a space dedicated to early childhood, full of color, with fun and very practical designs, for all who flee from the conventional and seek comfort, design, and originality, where to find children’s fashion, small childcare, and toys for boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old. They organize different activities like storytellers so if you come with children don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it!

Now, to continue with our map numeration we have to jump to Triana neighborhood. But don’t worry, is worth it to cross the bridge because the places are here makes you drool over...

Stop number three is “La Fábula” (3), on 31st Ronda de Triana Street.

La Fábula is an atypical bar in the typical neighborhood of Triana. They have a wide variety of craft, national and international beers and tapas with an original and different touch. Its young and carefree character provides a very relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy their brochettes of prawns coated in corn powder, which are delicious! Their salads, the couscous with nuts or their famous Adolfo montadito... If you want to enjoy the neighborhood among locals, you cannot miss the visit!

Following the map order and walking less than five minutes on the 24th Esperanza de Triana St. we find the 4th stop: IshowU Sevilla (4), activities company that discover to you the local tastes of Seville through custom Flamenco and Triana workshops and tours. Focussing on Experiential Tourism and unique like a local experience. Sharing flamenco passions with special travelers. Connecting them with local experts.

The fifth stop is also in Triana, but a little bit further than the other stops on this neighborhood. It's ubicated on 3rd Virgen de Regla St. and is called Laqant Shoes (5), although unfortunately the centrical shop in Jaén St. is closed until new news, so we skip this until the next stop, the number six.

And jumping through the river again we go back to the center of Seville. Also very near to “Las Setas”, walking on 18th Perez Galdós St. we can find “La Seta Coqueta” (6) our sixth stop on the map.

La Seta Coqueta is a shop located in the neighborhood of La Alfalfa. It is an example of slow shopping, responsible consumption, and author fashion. A place where fashion, art, and crafts coexist calmly. Here culture, commerce, and neighborhood are mixed with love. So, the commercial transaction becomes a shopping experience.  Sole, her owner, express: "I like to take care of every detail of this space as well as the people who trust in it to make their purchases. I care who is behind each brand, that's why I work with designers, artisans, illustrators, photographers, artists, people who really pay attention to every moment of the creative and productive process of their pieces". Contrary to the speed of the market, La Seta Coqueta slows down processes and promotes a lasting union between space, artists, and customers. Absolutely a place to fell in love with details.

We love this stop by the philosophy they bring with, but the next stop is also so good, that is difficult to choose a favorite to stay.

The number seven-stop and the freshest on our map and is called “Cómete el Mar” (7) and is situated on 43rd Pagés del Corro Street.  

“Cómete el Mar” is not a conventional gourmet business, but a gourmet store specializing in a wide range of gourmet seafood products, so that means we can all enjoy at our table. You are able to find more affordable products, such as a can of Sardines or Mackerel in Tomato to other more exclusive such as Ventresca Bluefin Tuna or Angulas. What is taken into account when including the articles in their catalog is that they meet quality standards in terms of processing and origin, making them healthy and rich in vitamins and Omega-3. This interesting establishment has a wide range of preserved products in which the entire peninsula is represented. It is also a grocery store so in addition to buying delicious seafood you can sit there to taste them. It organizes cooking workshops and show-cookings. Highly recommended visit to Triana. 

And continuing with the gourmet testing we arrive to stop number eight, on 39th Garcia Vinuesa Street, called “La Oleoteca” (8).

In the neighborhood of Arenal, next to the bullring of the Maestranza and the Cathedral, we find a temple of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a place dedicated to the Green Gold where you can enjoy with a wide catalog of the best EVOOs in the world. At “La Oleoteca” you can try also each product and enjoy the experience of tasting the best ones! Don’t miss the opportunity to get the best souvenir, to dress your salad or to have the best toast in your breakfast!

The next to last stop is number 9 in the map and it brings Seville aromas: Aqua Ispal (9). It has a different address where we can find this shop and are 16th Rodigo Caro Street, 6th Vida Street and the most recent opened in front of Hospital de Los Venerables (at the corner of Pimienta Street), all inside of the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Throughout history, its inhabitants were filling their gardens and courtyards with flowers from their distant lands of origin (Tartessos, Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and the New World). From the 3,000 years of its foundation, Seville is known for its delicate but vibrant perfumes. His cheerful Spring, his reserved Autumn, the delicate Winter, and his ardent Summer make this city unique around the world. With the discovery of the New World, Seville Puerto de Indias was flooded with the aromas of the new spices, flowers, and fruits that arrived in the galleons of the fleet. The symbiosis of pre-existing aromas with those who came from America gave birth to the New Modern European Perfumery in Seville, specifically, on Monardes street, corner to Sierpes, in the 16th century, the largest botanical laboratory in the world was founded in its the Monardes Family.

And to finish with the recommendations on our map, we’ll go back to the Triana Market to make the tenth and the last stop: Concha Barral (10), establishment number 56.

Concha Barral is an artist who makes most of the souvenirs that she sells inside the famous Mercado de Triana, in an establishment that leaves no one indifferent. You can find exclusive hand-painted items, such as the famous fans, who had behind them a whole communication code, Triana jewelry and a host of curiosities made with taste and passion for handmade work. Concha also makes personal orders and has completed many gifts for events of different corporations.