Sevilla4Real, Best Eco-Friendly Tour Operator of the Year 2018

We have good news today! Some moths ago we received an email saying that Sevilla4Real was nominated to a prize of the Luxury Travel Magazine and today I am very pleased to announce that Sevilla4Real has been successful in winning the Eco-Friendly Tour Operator of the Year 2018!



Eco-Friendly Tour Operator of the Year


Seville, Spain



The Luxury Travel Guide Awards champion the very best in their respective fields; therefore to come out on top is truly an achievement we should be proud of. The guide told us that they are delighted to pay tribute to and commend all those who have excelled in the industry, so we are very proud! This year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in every category and it seems Sevilla4Real has highlighted in Europe!

All winners in the awards will gain a place in our soon to be published awards guide book, so we hope you can see us in the guide very soon! This publication is both a printed and digital publication which will be distributed to our half a million subscribers and the printed edition will be sent to luxury hotels, tourism boards, airport lounges and cruise ships. If you want to learn more about its distribution channels you can do it here.

Thanks to all our customers that make us grow and become strong every day. This prize is yours!

Lola Rubio 



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