A few months ago, although we could not say anything since it had not yet been broadcast, we were lucky to be one of the guides and hosts of the famous British chef Ainsley Harriot in Seville.

Ainsley Harriot is an English chef and television host, very popular there, as well as in Australia and the United States (because his programs are in English), you can also find his cookbooks and recipes, which are international and delicious, in any bookstore. Within the cycle of his programs broadcast by the British channel ITV, they came to the city to shoot one of the episodes of "Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook", in which he teaches how to prepare typical recipes from countries such as Spain, Italy, Morocco or Jordan, and making stops in different cities such as Corsica, Sardinia, Marrakesh, Seville or Granada to explore our rich gastronomy and spread our way of cooking and the products with which we normally eat in these lands.

In Seville, I was lucky, as a hostess, to show the team the Plaza de España, explain the origin of tapas and talk about our peculiar way of life in the south of our country, our architecture, gastronomy and even which ones are my favorite tapas The truth is that we had a great and very entertaining morning because both the team and himself are hilarious, a whole experience to be recorded while a famous chef takes you by boat around the Plaza de España!

We also help Ainsley buy products, choose the best places and markets so that he can then prepare his recipes. In Seville, they cooked in places as spectacular as the Hotel Alfonso XIII and they prepared some delicious dishes such as spinach with chickpeas, the well-known "Serranito de Lomo" (pork, pepper and Iberic ham sandwich), or a Mediterranean salad with the famous sevillian oranges and almonds. He also discovered all the secrets of typical products such as Iberian ham or "Nun convent sweets" that are so representative of our city.

All an experience, on which I feel very fortunate to have been a participant. If you want to see it we leave you a small piece of the program that you can see in this link.

And of course, we recommend that you view the complete program (and the rest of the episodes), which is amazing and is on the ITV website (link here) Do not miss it!