The secrets of Parque de Maria Luisa

With no doubt Parque de Maria Luisa is one of the hidden gems of Seville, forgotten many times by sevillians and travelers. But this park is full of hidden corners and secrets that we want to show you.

Beside the Great and well known Plaza de España we have and must explore this marvelous park, walking or riding a bike (one of our favorite ways).

¿What can we find in this 18th century park?

To start the park has more than 150 differents species of trees and plants carriying from the five continents. From african palm trees to Californians to chinese orange trees and laconics Florida's swamps crypresses.

Also wothly are its fountains and gardens, with different styles and designed for the Iberoamerican exhibition of 1929 by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. Our favourite one, of course, is the Nazarí garden, inspired by the Alhambra gardens.

Remarkable is the "Frogs fountain", the oldest one in the park. To the left, and besides its size well hidden, we will find the "Ducks pond" or Estanque de los Patos in spanish, with many of them waiting for the sevillians kids to feed them. Cross its little bridges, take some pictures and go the gazebo in the middle sourround by water and ejoy the peace you could feel there, any day at any time.

If we go ahead, we will find "Plaza España", where we could enjoy the different architecture styles of the beginning of 20th century. Some of the most impresive creations of Anibal Gonzalez. The building we could see here are The Archeological Museum (neorenassance style) and "Arts and Custom Museum" (neomudejar style). In the other side of the square the "Royal Pabillion" in neogothic style, all these buildings were built for the exhibition of 1929.

Sevillians' kids play in this square with the doves and like to climb "Gurugú Mountain". Walking through the pergolas cover with plants and flowers we will arrive to this little mountain, part of the original park, with its fall and viewpoint on the top.

Bequer's circus or Glorieta de Bequer is one of the main spots of the park, with its amazing and beautiful sculptures made by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera at the beginning of 20th century, an ode to love, where sevilliand come to "steal" kisses since then. 

Close we will find the astonishing Plaza España, one must in Seville, perfect to finish the tour. You have to walk through the different provinces, study and admire the tiles that show us the most important historical things that happened in the pronvinces of Spain. All the tiles were from the beginning of 20th century and were designed and created in Triana, and are one of the prides of the city. Take some pictures on the bridges above the canal and take a look to the towers, impresive at sunset. If you feel adventure and the weather is good you can rent a boat and row through the canal, inspired in Venice.

If you come to Seville do not forgot this park, say by a local, walk with and ice cream, by foot or bike...

The timetable is from 8:00am to 10:00pm in winter/ 00:00pm summer. And the entance is completely free!

If you want to explore the park with us and discover its history and stories write us: