Mark Fraenkel: An English man who visit Seville for the third time.

Mark is from England, where he used to live in a normal life working at "UK Civil Service": a stressfull job, a house in London and his own car. Until he decided to change to a better life. Beside of, he is also professional diving instructor and he moved to Australia to found Blue Drive in Port Douglas, in the Great Barrier Reef northern and remote area. Work to his own company leave him does what he loves: dive, photography and of course, travel. He had travel around the world including recents visits to Seville. The first time he came he fallen in love the city and thats why he his now a regular visitor. Soon he will come back for the third time.

How many places have you visit during your trips? How often do you travel? 

In recents travels I've been in Córdoba and Granada, and in Seville I've visited its wonderful Alcazar, Giralda tower and India's Archive, and the great bars of this lively city. Also I've been to a Sevilla F.C. football match. Of these three cities my heart is in Seville. I live in a little tropical city in Australia and I try travel 4 or 5 times at year.

Why you choosen Seville the first time?

I've been in Granada and I wanted to visit more of the famous Andalusian cities link with andalusí and Muslim past.

What were your expectations when you visit Seville? Were fulfilled?

Of course, majority part of them. I expected majesty. Now I understand why 5 operas were inspired in the city. The city of tapas and local wine in bars is great and with good price.

Why you chosen do a tour in the city? 

The walking tours are a perfect way to have an orientation in the city. After search in differents webs I found the correct company. Penélope was wonderful and with good English: she had a real link with the  city history, you can feel it in the way of she talking.

Which places will you recommend to other people who comes to Seville?

Bring your camera as I think Seville is one the most picturesque cities in the world, with many differents architectural styles. Spend an calm afternoon in Maria Luisa's Park and visit Plaza de España with the camera just in the sunset.

Tell me something that surprised you about Sevillian people, our culture, gastronomy... 

We always hear about French wine, but the local Andalusian wines are brilliant, and eat tapas is a fun way to take dinner without excess. People os very responsive and helpful, and clearly very proud of their city. And they're right to be proud! Also was great see the Moorish nfluence in many moderns architectural styles.

Could be Seville a place to live for you?

Certainly, it has good connection by train and plane. You can go to Portugal and northern Africa easily and to others parts of Spain quickly by high speed train. There are many flights to European important cities.

Something more you want to say...

I tell to my friends that use to visit the Spanish coast that they really have to visit Seville to have a best experience in Spain.

Thank you Mark! As we know you come to Seville for third time, don't forget to contact us! =) 

Now we understand perfectly why Mark in his second trip to Seville decided to do it with the "Critical Muslim: Reclaiming Al-Andalus" book with him. This book is a perfect travel friend in Andalusia. Our partner Penélope, who guided Mark in Seville, was who received it as gift. She couldn't be happier.

If you want to have the best experience in Seville as Mark, book a tour with us! For a good city introduction "Monumental Seville" could be a correct starting. And as Mark said, here we have the best world wines, so our "Wine tasting tour" is also very recommended. Also you can enjoy the food and wine in our tour "Gourmet tapas tour".

Photography: Took by Mark's camera in Plaza de España.