The hidden treasures of Seville's Cathedral

I've been wanting to write an article about the Cathedral of Seville long time, and the thing is that inside this pile of stone there are some of the most impressive hidden treasures of the city, usually unknown by most sevillians.

Our duty and job is to discover all this secrets to the people who visit this temple with us. In this post i am going to talk about those hiddem gems we can find in this Cathedral, my personal selection and favourites:

De Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sacristia Mayor (Main Sacristy): Built by Diego de Riaño between 1534 and 1543. With no doubt one of my favourite rooms of this amazing church. With many details to impress, increidble 16th century doors and the carved columns or dome, all in plateresque style.

Besides here we can find an overwhelming colection of sumptuary arts and sculptures like San Fernando (Saint Ferdinand) by Pedro Roldán (1671) or the paintings of Murillo and Pedro de Campaña.

The Cathedral deserve at least two hours to absorb and enjoy it. My recomendation is to walk with calm in this sacristy and watch all the details you have around. 

Another room with the same importance is the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), with a limited timetable is very possible to find this place closed because is only open to cults. The Chapel we build in renaissance style in the middle of 16th century and is an authentic wonder. Pay atention to the central dome, the apses and the entrance gate because everywhere you will find something spectacular. 

Also in this chapel we will find the funerary monuments of Fernando 3rd, Alfonso 10th, Beatriz de Suabia in the main space and the coffins of Pedro 1st and his wife Maria Padilla on the cript under the chapel (unfortunately closed to the public). Dominating the chapel in the middle altar the Virgin of "Los Reyes", from 13th century and patron saint of Sevilla. 

Besides all the chapels the Cathedral has lots of sculptures, paitings and art pieces with high artistic and historic value. My personal selection:

Inmaculate Virgin by Martinez Montañez, one of the most sweet and beautiful works we can see in this Catedral. From 1630 sevillians affectionately call this Virgin "The little blind" couse her eyes are looking down. Montañez created here the iconography of Virgin Inmaculate, later imitated by all artists.

Virgen del Madroño (Vigin of madrone fruit): usually unseen because is situated in a small "corner" in my opinion is unique, representing the unusual Virgin feeding the little Christ with the visible breast. This work is been atributed to Lorenzo Bretaña and dated around 1454.

The italian author Andrea della Robbia left here two important and different pieces: The Virgin of the cushion and The Virgin of the pomegranate, both made with polychrome ceramic from 15th century.

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