Game of Thones production will be back to shoot in Seville

It seems like HBO confirmed last week that their are planning to come back to Seville, to film the eighth season. Benioff and Weiss, the producers and creator of Game of Thrones, told last time that they were very pleased filming here and it was probable to come back after their first experience in our city. This last autumn they filmed not only in Seville but in Cordoba, Málaga, Vasque Country, Cáceres and Catalonia. 

According to the HBO the producers fell in love with Spain, with Seville and some of the last locations they used this last year, in paticular the roman remains of Italica (outside Seville) and the 13th century shipsyard called "Atarazanas" of Seville. Actually the idea is to change some of the scripts for the next season to come here again ans film inside this particular place, in their opinion "the most beautiful one were we shoot". 

The king Alsonso the 10th ordered to build this building that unfortunately is closed to the public waiting for a proyect that is not clear yet. 

In this second episode of the seventh season "Stoneborn" we already have seen Atarazanas, but we are sure there is lot of more to come. 


Maybe Italica will be part of Dragonstone? Iron Islands perhaps? even King's Lading? We'll find out soon...

If you want to know with us this places and lot more about Game of Thrones so not hesitate to book our special tour "Game of Thrones in Seville" in this link.

¡Valar Morghulis!


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