A day in Seville

Today we tell you in this post how to spend a perfect day in Seville. We will take you to essential places where you can experience the city as a Sevillian more step by step.

We suggest you start the day early in the morning to enjoy the city and enjoy it as much as possible. We will start with a good breakfast, in Seville, you will find many bakeries and cafes to have a coffee, an orange juice and several options of toast with Iberian ham, virgin olive oil and tomato, the most typical.

The first place you must visit is the Real Alcázar de Sevilla.

The Alcazar is a must in our city and the most famous monument in Seville, where Game of Thrones was also filmed. This palace was used as the palace and the water gardens of Dorne, the home of the Martell family. The story of the series and reality is very similar and we will tell you if you are a fan of the series.

The palace and gardens have Islamic and European influences. The style is known as Mudejar. You can also visit the upper floor, called Cuarto Real Alto, current dependencies in Seville of the Spanish Royal House.

After visiting the Alcazar, we will walk towards the Guadalquivir river. During our journey, we will find the Abdel Aziz tower and the Royal Mint of Seville. And to crown the area, the beautiful Torre del Oro. This Almohade period tower was a watchtower to control the river and the city. Now inside there is a naval museum about its history and a wonderful view of the river from the top of the tower.


We will retrace our steps to the center to visit the Cathedral. This cathedral is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the third-largest Cathedral in the world. The cathedral's roots are not Christian, but Muslim, as it was originally a mosque, which little by little was converted into a church, but of which there are still vestiges, such as the Patio de Los Naranjos or one of the symbols of Seville: The Giralda.

It is time for lunch. In the area, you will find many restaurants and bars to try some typical dishes and tapas from Seville. We recommend El Peregil, Las Columnas, La Azotea, or La Casa de la Moneda.

To follow palaces and if you liked the first we recommend the one that is, in our opinion, the second most imposing in the city: La Casa Pilatos. Today, in addition to the Medinaceli family home, it is also a museum full of art and a fascinating mix of Renaissance, Mudejar, and Baroque styles.

(EXTRA TIP: If you like palaces or want a second option, we suggest El Palacio de las Dueñas, a palace built in the 15th century and the home of the Duchess of Alba until very recently. Inside you will find an impressive collection of art.  Be careful because it is very easy to lose track of time here!)

After the palaces, we will go to the Flamenco Museum. Here we will learn everything about the iconic dance of Andalusia. It is something that you have to know because it forms our history, our identity, our being ... Look at the schedules for the flamenco show, as there are daily passes.

Are you hungry? It's time for dinner! In the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter of the city, you can find as many bars and restaurants as you want to dine like a king. The neighborhood is well worth a walk while you find the best bar. We can recommend Las Teresas, Casa Moreno, Casa Morales ... write to us if you need more recommendations and advice!

If you are not tired yet, you can go to the Alameda de Hércules to have your last drink and enjoy the Sevillian night, here, in addition to cocktail bars and terraces there are some clubs where you can spend the night dancing good music and enjoy the nightlife from the city.

If you are interested in a day as perfect as this, do not hesitate to write to us. We can plan many activities for you and your friends or family. A glorious day in the most beautiful city in the world without wasting a minute!



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