Last week we discovered a wonderful place in our city, In Pagés del Corro street, number 43, very near to La Anselma, , is a fabulous shop named CÓMETE EL MAR (Eat the Sea) , that  keeps many surprises. 

Isabel and Santiago run the shop, and besides a very kind treatment, you can notice that they truly love what they do, and they are truly connoisseurs, so you can trust and let them give advice to  you. We love the projects made with passion , and this is one of them. 

And what are we going to find here? Fish and seafood preserves, cans with the best product of Spain, with a wide variety and always of the best quality, plus, the prices are for all pockets, from the delicious crab or sardines pate (less than 2€) to the real caviar made in Riofrio (60 €), Tuna meat boiled and vacuum-packed, that you can slice to make a wonderful dinner for unexpected visitors, just adding virgin olive oil and salt crystals; Sarda with oil, an incredible delicacy still undiscovered, salmon spawn, tuna in oil with spanish paprika, jars with rattatuille and tuna, or cod "ajoarriero"..whatever you choose, you can order a beautiful wooden box to make the perfect gift. And let´s not forget the wines and artisan beers, perfect to pair with every product. 

And the plus: there is an area for workshop which is also a tasting room. 


We can organize for you a gourmet tour visiting the market,  with a tasting to discover these wonderful products of Spain.