As we promised, in this post we will talk about how Christmas is celebrated. Christmas is something that is lived in different ways in each continent, country, locality or even in each family. Therefore, I have written this post from my point of view, how I have enjoyed Christmas.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: my name is Lydia, I am 26, I am an official guide and I am part of the wonderful team Sevilla4Real that brings you all those fantastic and entertaining cultural tours.

My family, as it happens to many families, we are quite numerous on the mother's side. What is that on the mother’s side? Well, in these holidays, you cannot be in two places at the same time so it is common for Christmas Eve (24th December) and Christmas (25th December) to spend them with the mother’s family or father’s family, and New Year's Eve (31st December) and New Year (1st January) with the other.

Each family has different customs and, therefore, I will tell you mine. In my case, the Christmas Eve and Christmas are celebrated with the maternal family, and New Year and New Year with the father's family.

My maternal family is composed of: 5 sisters, 5 respective husbands, 10 grandchildren and my grandmother. The ages of the grandchildren range from 30 to 3 years. Some of them already have their respective partners so the total sum, at the end, turns out to be between 23 or 26 people; depending on who it is for them to spend the holidays.

The most common is to meet in the house of the matriarch of the family, my grandmother. The living room does not measure more than 40m2 (430ft2). How is it possible? Well, grandchildren have not always been so old, when we were less and smaller it was much easier. The adults stayed in the living room and the children in the small living room, enjoying all the Disney films that were aired that night after the King's annual speech that was televised on all the channels. How we hated that moment ... We wanted to see Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast, not an old man talking about things we did not understand.

Another good thing we could do was ask for the Aguinaldo. What is the aguinaldo? Well, the meaning is: Thirteenth salary. For children, it was to go to your uncles and grandparents to give you 20 duros (100pts, old currency of Spain before the Euro which are 0.60 €). That was enough to buy sweets for a month.

That's from the children's point of view. For adults it is a time when you can talk about everything: sports, politics, work, family ... and, although there are divided opinions, when you put Iberian ham and prawns on the table, everything is forgotten so you can enjoy the night with your family.

In our family we like to meet often so we do not need any excuse to organize something to do together. But it is true, as the grandchildren have become adults and we have found our jobs it is difficult to be all together. And Christmas is the perfect occasion for that.

Why? There are many people who do not like Christmas or who think it is something commercial, we become tender during these dates but then we go back to our routine and we become something more antisocial. But the truth is that Christmas is one of the few national holidays that is respected and followed more strictly. There are holidays such as Holy Week, April’s Fair or in summer it is impossible for everyone to rest on the same days.

However, Christmas and New Year are probably the only days of the year that, surely, all or almost all rest.

That is why, from Sevilla4Real, we invite you to enjoy the holidays, family, friends, food, sweets and, above all, to be as happy as possible.


From Sevilla4Real we wish you some wonderful Christmas.


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