Books to travel to Seville

We comment monthly a book that will take you to Seville, whether if you are on your couch, or maybe in your way to Seville!!

Today “Revenge in Seville”, by Matilde Asensi. It is the second volume of the trilogy of Martin Silver Eye. I will not tell anything to not spoil the book’s plot. I will only tell you that the reading is great fun and the rhythm is breath-taking, a classic adventure novel, with pirate´s treasures, double identities, evil nobles, galleys and galleons, desert islands, and cloak-and-dagger fights...very addictive. In this book all the plot takes place in Seville at the beginning of the 17th century, and we must surrender to Asensi´s painting of the Arenal port, the Royal Prison, the palaces, the Sevillian society, the nobles, but also the hustlers and rogues and the brutality of the contrast between the wealth coming from America and the raw poverty of the wretches, in the Spanish golden age.

The writer has done an amazing work of historical research to make us witness of the arriving of the Fleet from India, how the cargoes were arranged, how the Sevillian institutions worked when the city was a decadent, cosmopolitan, overpopulated metropolis, with a seafaring character, today lost, very different from the 21th century city, and nevertheless, giving its identity and the its physiognomy.