Surely that the people follow us known the name Al-Mutamid, the poet king. We wrote about him in old posts on our blog. If you don’t know yet who he was, we invite you first to read about his biography, the man that got to be the best andalusí poet by his poesy. Only make clic over the image to read about him.

This post talks about the recent discovery definitively confirmed as the original Al-Mutamid Palace, thanks to the Carbon-14 (or C-14) test made the last year. We will know also the present and the future situation for this archaeological study.

The palace is ubicated on number 8 in Patio de Banderas square, that still being a State Property, although the city council already have an approved proposal to buy the building (more information below…)

Almost intact from one thousand years ago between walls that were houses for noble families who worked for the Royalty and important characters houses through the Seville history. The site dimensions are bigger than the house built over. Also it could be the first taifa building. In 2014 was talk about this site, and 4 years after and lot of work behind this time, the last year was confirmed. Are the frescos, arches, and columns from the Eleventh century. Part of the primitive palace has been rebuilt: original roofs, stuccos, the courtyard…

The archaeological site itself is a jewel: as the study says is known that it could be the original alcazar area ordered to build by Abderramán III in the Tenth Century. But also it was settled over roman building bases, cover by a Visigoth temple after the Roman Empire falls. Three different civilizations on one “piece” of ground.

In the Tenth Century Abderramán III ordered to build the “Dar al-Imara”, also known as the Prince Palace or Governor Palace with a quadrangular plan. The wall we can see surrounding the houses nowadays was the wall for those Califal times. In the eleventh century, during the taifas period, was built “Al Qasr Al Mubarak”, that is under the current Embassors Salon and the “Al-Qasr-al-Zahi”. After its construction, during the Almohad period, the palace was despoiled as the historians say to give a reason to why aren’t more extensions. In the Twelveth Century, over the control of Almohad governors, the Plaster Courtyard was built, near to the palace that has been discovered recently.

And, what’s happening with the house property and the project now?

Currently is a problem among the government. The current house was a tax office property that wanted to sell all the houses of “Patio de Banderas” because weren’t profitable. The Mayor (Juan Espadas) asked for stop the process because from long time ago were some suspicions about the recent confirmation. So now, the discovery means a nomination change for the “Patio de Banderas”. We’ll explain it better:

In 1931 the Alcázar was gifted to Seville city, but it was only a part of so the City Hall keeps the palace and the houses were for the State. The Seville’s Mayor didn’t know if it was a good or a bad gift because its conservation was really bad and it hadn't value yet, was a hidden gem. In these times the palaces and castles weren’t worth it for the public purse because the tourism didn’t work yet and people didn’t give it the value that it has today, so they didn’t know how to earn money with it. The houses that the government keeps were 18 houses where the most important Seville’s characters life and were rent by them, which in these times were expensive. Nowadays turns the situation inside out and the Alcázar now is earning all the money, an important quantity. Now the fact that Al-Mutamid's palace has remained there has shown that it’s owned by the Alcazar and also has a heritage value that exceeds real estate.

The last July was approved an investment of 2, 5 millions to increase the Alcázar area, place there the ticket office and delete the queue.

We don’t know really if it could be better or worse for the archaeological site but it could be good for conserve it and don’t lose the opportunity to continuous the investigation to finally discover our Islamic period in Seville. We’re totally exciting to see the final results.



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