25 things you MUST NOT DO in Seville
  1. DO NOT wait the line for the Cathedral and Alcazar, instead, buy your tickets online, or in the Salvador Church for the Cathedral and skip the line.
  2. DO NOT wake too early to see the Cathedral. It opens at 11:00! But do not leave for the afternoon Cathedral and Alcazar, they are closed at 17:00 and 19:00. The Alcazar opens at 9.30.
  3. DO NOT fear to get lost in the labyrinthine, narrow streets. There will be always someone kind to tell you the right direction, and the walk to nowhere will lead you to beautiful and hidden charming corners.
  4. DO NOT wait patiently standing at the bar, if it’s crowded, to be attended; you will need to beckon the waiter with your hand, or saying “please”. Just imitate the locals.
  5. DO NOT forget your bottle of water if you come between April and October. Seriously, it is really hot. You can fill it at any tap. You do not have to buy a bottle in the restaurants and bars, the water here is very good and you can ask for a glass of water, “Un vaso de agua”.
  6. DO NOT miss the views from the Giralda. They are magnificent, and there are not stairs, just easy ramps. Do not miss either the views from the Metropol Parasol, or “Las Setas”, as we call it.
  7. DO NOT feel shy to go into the fancy hotels with a roof terrace around the Cathedral to have a drink or a Cocktail, the views are well worth it. And you can always go, take a picture, and then go out.Terrazas
  8. DO NOT wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes, nut neither rubber sandals for the beach, with socks, bermuda trousers or flowered shirts: Seville is not La Costa del Sol, and let alone the Caribbean. The locals are very kind, but they can also make fun of you. People here tend to dress with certain elegance, even for informal occasions.
  9. DO NOT stay just for one day. Really. Seville is to spend a whole life… give yourself at least one week. Seville is much more than the amazing monuments and fascinating history, is a way of living.
  10. DO NOT confine to the restaurants, go for tapas, much more than just a food, or a style, is a way to meet people, to interact, and connect, is an experience that is part of the local culture. And way cheaper than the restaurants.
  11. DO NOT go to the typical touristic tablao flamenco. If you can, be accompanied by a local enthusiast, and ask about what is the flamenco art, and ask for advice about a good place to enjoy a flamenco show. They exist! You will not regret!!
  12. DO NOT assume that all of us, Seville inhabitants are religious people, enjoy the bullfight or can sing and dance flamenco.
  13. DO NOT stick to the Cathedral and Santa Cruz area all the time: Explore!! Triana, La Macarena, La Alameda, San Luis, the parks…
  14. DO NOT deprive yourself of a biking tour, or rent a bike for one day, Seville is flat, has hundreds of kilometers of bike path, and a lovely weather.
  15. DO NOT leave unattended mobile phones, cameras, purses or bags, never. Seville is a very safe city, specially the city center, but your valuables belongings can disappear just in the twinkling of an eye.
  16. DO NOT take a taxi from the airport to the city before checking the legal rate. The same for the horse carriages. By the way, the charioteer is nor a reliable guide.
  17. DO NOT be lured by the people offering you rosemary or whatever the herb around the Cathedral, or those who want to read the palm of your hand. It can be more expensive than you think.
  18. DO NOT leave Seville without try the “montaíto de pringá”, the fried fish, gazpacho, salmorejo, pavías, spinach with chickpeas, the jamón ibérico, and a cold glass of Manzanilla.espinacas con garbanzos el rinconcillo
  19. DO NOT say that Cruzcampo beer is bad! Is a local icon! And do not ask for a pint, we like it freezing cold (remember, weather is hot), and hate a warm beer, so much better in a “caña” or a “botellín” (25cl bottle)
  20. DO NOT be surprised when people are loud, ore van Yell, and we can be very very expressive sometimes.
  21. DO NOT buy those cheap sleazy flamenca dresses made in China in those souvenir shops. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. They are ridiculous, and our typical outfit is not a costume.
  22. DO NOT ask for paella. Paella is the regional dish of Valencia, far away from Seville. Here you can find very good rice dishes (Seville is the biggest producer of rice in Spain), is very usual to find rice every Sunday in a lot of bars, but in the touristic areas, the “paella” is a frozen ready-cooked that they simple heat.
  23. DO NOT book last minute if you want to spend Holly Week or April Fair in Seville. And do not expect to find any cheap deal for the high season.
  24. DO NOT eat the oranges from the trees, they are very bitter, and contaminated.
  25. DO NOT miss a churros con chocolate breakfast. The best ones in La Alfalfa, Triana Bridge and behind Las Setas (The mushrooms)

If you think that we missed something, feel free to add it in the comments.