TOP 5: Things to do in Seville during Christmas

Seville is a perfect city to visit during Christmas. Meanly because our warm weather and the joy of having days with sun and an average of 15 degrees during the day. Besides during this time of the year there are no lines in the monuments and everything is quiet during mornings and agitated during afternoons, when everybody goes out to walk and admired the Christmas lights.

For all of you who are coming is this season we want to give you some tips: 

1. Belenes (Nativities): As you known, Nativities are so traditional here and is also a tradition to visit them. Banks, churches and privates houses prepared their nativities in order than children and adults visit them. Usually there are free but a donative is always accepted. It is better to visit them during the morning couse afternoon you will find long lines. Our favourites are the Nativity of Fundación Cajason (Plaza de san Francisco), Playmobil Nativity (Caixa of Sierpes street nº85), Nativity of Palacio de los Marqueses de la Algaba (Plza Calderón de la Barca s/n), or Santa Caridad Nativity (Temprado street). Of course you will find more inside churches of the city also.

2. Walking round the city centre and contemplate the faboulous Christmas lights. Take a walk around Tetuan and Sierpes Street, Constitución Av and San Fernando. Also stop to watch the mapping or lights shows in Plaza San Francisco, Las Setas or San Telmo palace.

3. Fairs and Christmas Markets. We have the most popular Nativity Fair of the world (in Av Constitución), also the Antique books Fair (Plaza Nueva-begining of December) and Artisans Fair (Plaza Nueva-end of December). Is always a good idea to buy an original and handmade gift.

4. Christmas Concerts. Mostly on the streets but also inside churches and Theatres you will find chorus and people singing Christmas carols. Stop and enjoy the Christmas spirit!

5. Christmas sweets. At the begining of December you will find in The Alcazar Palace a "nuns sweet market". If you come after this time no worries, you can find the same sweets in each convent and buy them, also in some tradicionals bakery like "La Campana" you could taste them.

If all of this is not enought for you let me link you this Christmas agenda of Seville where you can see all the plans this amazing city can offer you. Enjoy!




Picture from here.

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