TOP 5: Most beautiful streets of Seville

Today we want to bring you this TOP 5 that you can't miss: The most beautiful streets of Seville. Some time ago we wrote about the TOP 5 Most beautiful Squares of the city and today is the turn of the streets.

5. Calle Regina. Alternative comercial area of the city center, calleb by Sevillians Soho Benita and full of life and deco shops, creafbeer bars, cookies stores, gourmet amazing fusion that remind us how this city was centuries ago, when different cultures lived here together in these narrows streets. In one side Feria st (another interesting one!) on the other side the famous monument Setas (mushrooms) of Encarnacion.

4. Calle San Luis. One of the main roads of the north area of the city centre of Seville. The old "Royal street" was the street that the kings used when they come to the city and with one of the most important gates of Seville, now a days "Arco de la Macarena" monument. It woth to walk this road from one side to another, this way you can appreciate it Mudejar (moorish style) with the churches of Santa Marina and San Marcos or it baroque with San Luis church. Great idea could be to walk a little bit and make a stop in one of it locals bars! 

Pic: Sevilla Secreta

3. Calle Verde. We wrote about this street in this post in our blog, where we talked about the history of this beautiful street of San Bartolomé neightborhood, just in the back area of Santa Maria la Blanca. A must quarter in your visit here!

2. Calle Lope de Rueda. One of the hidden treasures of Santa Cruz Quarter (old Barrabás St) and one of our favourites. From Plaza Alfaro and till Santa Teresa st, in Lope de Rueda you could appreciate lovely houses (take a look to Hotel Rey Moro's patio) and some old columns and baseboards, crests of old important houses and the tipical Devil's gate. Also the Reinoso st, one of the narrowest streets of Seville. 

1. Calle Aire. Aire is one of the most famous st of the city centre and besides that lots of visitors miss it! On the north we have Marmoles street with its gorgeous roman columns, on the other side Mateos Gago st. Our recommendation is to walk this street while the sunset and if you have a little bit of time visit the Arab baths ot have the perfect evening!

Main Picture: Sevilla Secreta. 

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