Lots of travelers who visit Seville decide to stay in the city, others, however, have more time and make the choice of knowing a little bit more of Andalusia. The classic daytrips are Ronda, Córdoba and Cadiz, but today I want to do my special TOP5 with my favourite corners around the city, much more authentics and unknown, places that without doubt worth it to scape.

5. Baelo Claudia

In the province of Cádiz, 20km from Tarifa (and around 2 hours from Seville) we find the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia. We are talking about Conil, Caños de Meca, Zahara, El Palmar and Bolonia, where besides the amazing beach you could enjoy this splendid roman remains from 2nd century B.C

If you come in springtime, summer or autumn probably a daytrip to the beach would be a good idea. You will be able to enjoy the weather, taste the tipical fried fish from Cadiz, visit the ruins and have a nice swim!

4. Cascadas del Huéznar (Hueznar Waterfalls)

To the north of Seville city we have a beautiful natural park: "Sierra Norte park", with some curious places and towns like San Nicolás del Puerto (little town with an artificial beach), but if we are looking for the real nature and maybe have a good swim in an incredible place we have to wlak 2 kilometres and will find the Huéznar Waterfalls. 

Like you can see in the main picture these are an incredible natural monument, very unkown and really close to Seville. 

3. Écija

Their neighbors towns Osuna and Carmona are more famous than Écija, but I can't leave outside my TOP5 one of the most beautiful and monumental towns of the province of Seville. 

Écija is a place that we call "The tower's town" and it counts with more than 25 churches and convents of interest. Most of them are baroque, allthough you could find some renassaince style and lot of roman remains. Also Écija is famous for its Palaces, the place was rich and many nobles and the clergy used to have amazing palaces that you can visit nowadays. 

This village is also one of the oldest of Andalusia and if you go there you must taste their very famous sweets and pastry!

2. Úbeda and Baeza

Of these day trips proposal, Úbeda and Baeza (Jaén province) are the furthest ones, around 3 hours from Seville. If you have time anyway I insistently reccommend these towns (Granada is the same distance and, in spite is beautiful usually is crawded), normally quiet and authentic gems of Andalusia. 

Both towns have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and they will leave you without breath. This is the renaissance center of our comunity, with a monumental ensemble formed by more than 50 different contructions between 16th and 17th centuries. 

Besides these are very close of Natural Park Sierra Cazorla, where Guadalquivir river rise and is a very good option to be cooler than the city.

1. Sierra of Aracena

For us this area is well-kown, but for the most of travelers is almos like this does not exist! and is only 45 min from Seville! You will find another natural area in the province of Huelva, with beautiful little villages like Higuera de la Sierra, Linares, Alájar, Almonaster la Real, Valdelarco or Arroyomolinos de León among others.

You could do hiking, kayak, rappel or speology at Natural Park "Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche" and enjoy nature very close to the city. If you prefer another plan "less green" you could visit the amazing "Gruta de las Maravillas" in Aracena, a natural caves under the town, really really unique experience.

The area is also perfect to taste meats and cold meat, different types of mushrooms and other tipical dishes. In just only one day you could visit at least four towns and enjoy a green day, only driving 40 minutes from Seville!

If you want our help or enjoy some of this area with a specialist guide do not hesitate to write us at and we will show you the best of our land!



I am thinking studying out of the country in the spring and am thinking which city I should decide Barcelona, Sevilla or Madrid?

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