Christmas is a very special time and it is lived in different ways in each part of the world. In the future post, we will talk about how these holidays are lived in Spain.


But, today we have preferred to bring you a scrumptious TOP 5: CHRISTMAS SWEETS.

  1. Marzipan

This Christmas candy is made with almonds, sugar and egg in different proportions, depending on the result you want to obtain. It is consumed throughout Spain especially at Christmas, but in Toledo it is done throughout the year.

The first information about the origins of marzipan goes back to 1512, precisely in Toledo. However, it is thought that it is probable that this recipe was adapted from the Muslims.

There are different types of marzipan in much of Europe, such as Germany, France, or Italy, but they are considered the most famous in the world by the Spaniards of Soto, in La Rioja, Toledo, and the Germans of Lübeck and Königsberg.

There are also several varieties of sweets with marzipan as a base, such as the "Hueso de santo" a canto of marzipan stuffed with yolk jam or the bread of Cádiz, a mass of marzipan stuffed with egg yolk jam and candied sweet potato, and then baked on a wafer.

  1. Turrón or nougat

Sweet dough made with sugar, almonds and you can add egg white. Depending on how much the almonds are ground, a more or less solid version of the sweet is obtained.

This is what we know as hard nougat or soft nougat, depending on whether the almonds they contain are more or less thick.

Most likely, the original recipe came from the Muslim era, just like marzipan. Regarding the nougat as we know it today, we must go back to the 15th century, specifically in the province of Alicante, which is where this product is born in its current version. Already by the reign of Charles the 5th of Germany, first of Spain, grandson of the Catholic Kings, nougat was very popular throughout the territory.

Today you can find many varieties of nougat, a product with centuries of history that has been able to adapt to the times and the tastes of each person.

  1. Alfajor (pastry sweet)

Almond paste with nuts and honey. Christmas sweet typical of Andalusia and Murcia.

The presence of this sweet is evident in the area of ​​southern Spain during the 12th and 13th centuries. It has been elaborated in Andalusia since the times of Al-Ándalus until nowadays.

This product was so famous that it was one of the first shipments to the Americas in the late 15th century.

When appearing in the new world, over the centuries, the recipe was evolving differently in those places. For this reason, the Latin American alfajores are different in confection, flavour and tradition from those of their Spanish origin.

  1. Mantecado


Sweet made with almonds, sugar, icing sugar, flour, cinnamon and, probably the most curious ingredient, lard.


Its origin dates to the 16th century in Andalusia, some people say in Estepa and others say it was originally from Antequera. Its popularity has spread to other regions and towns in Spain, where quality shortbreads are made, such as in Rute (Córdoba), Toledo or in the province of Valladolid, especially those of Portillo and Tordesillas.

  1. Roscón de Reyes or King Cake

Sweet made with flour, milk, sugar, eggs and butter. To the bread roll that is obtained, it is given a round shape, with a hollow in the centre, it is practically a giant donut, but a little bit juicier. This can be filled with cream or whipped cream and decorated with candied fruit.

Probably, of all Christmas sweets, the king cake is the oldest of all. Its origins date back to Roman times, around the 3rd century. It is related to Saturnalia or Roman winter festival, dedicated to Saturn, god of agriculture. Inside these cakes, a dry bean was hidden. Whoever found it, would become the king of kings for a short period of time.

This tradition has not changed much, but there are a few details that did change:

  • The king cake is taken on January 6 to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men.
  • The person who finds the dry bean does not become the king of kings, but that year that person must pay the cake.
  • Not only the bean, but it also hides a surprise inside. Whoever finds it, will have luck throughout the year.
  • The king cake can not only be filled with whipped cream or cream, but also mocha, truffle or chocolate.



We hope you have found this new Christmas post interesting and very soon we will bring you another post talking about Christmas and how we enjoy this holiday in some corners of Spain.


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