The Conspiracy of The Montpensier

Before we deepen in the history behind this conspiracy of this family, we need to know: Who were The Montpensier?

Well, that name comes from a noble tittle belonging to one region in France, a small village name Montpensier. It has belonged to different noble houses like: House Thiern, House Beaujeau o House Drieux. Since 1626, the tittle belonged to the House Orleans.

We are going to talk about the House Orleans and the relation they had with the intrigue the members of this family plotted against the Spanish royal family.

Let’s jump to 1830. The Duke Montpensier Louis Philippe III is crowned as the King Louis Philippe I of France, the last that would reign for the French. Systematically, his children turned into the heirs of the Kingdom. Between them, the most memorable was Antoine d’Orleans.

The King Louis Philippe I of France, even when he was truly loved by the people, he needed to face a complicated situation in the kingdom because of the different riots: Revolution of 1830 and Revolution of 1848. At the end, he left the throne.

This provoked an astonished reaction from the youngest of his children, who held huge ambitions. Antoine d’Orleans was only able to inherit the noble tittle Duke of the House Montpensier and that made him unhappy. But that didn’t stop him, he felt that he deserved more.

To start with, before his father left the throne, he decided to get married with the Infanta Luisa Fernanda, daughter of the Spanish King Phillip VII. They had ten children. In 1948 they moved to Spain running away from the French Revolution.

In 1868, during the Spanish Revolution against the Queen Isabel II, Antoine d’Orleans wanted to plot with Jaun Prim against the queen, his own sister-in-law. At the end, Antoine d’Orleans ordered for Juan Prim to be kill.


Between 1869 and 1870, Enrique Bourbon Duke of Seville and cousin of the Queen Isabel II, he published pamphlet about the Duke Montpensier, destroying his reputation. Antoine d’Orleans challenged his cousin to a duel, in which the latter died “accidently”.

He belonged to the royal family and Antoine was a captain in the armed forces so he was subject of a court-martial. The results were that he was convicted and sentenced to one month in prison.

In 1870 the courts needed to choose between the candidates who were going to be the next King after Queen Isabel II. Antoine d’Orleans was one of the possible but he lost against Amadeo de Saboya. He reigned as Amadeo I until 1873. Antoine was so against the decision that they had to banish him from Spain.

Later, he came back to Spain once the son of Isabel II was crowned as the King Alfonso XIII and he bacame the husband of his daughter María de las Mercedes.

He never got to fulfill his dream to be a King but, deep inside, he felt as if he won since he got to be the father-in-law of the King and his daughter was the Regent Queen of Spain.


Antoine d’Orleans died in 1890 with 65 years old, seven years before the death of his beloved wife, but he buried almost all of his children before he passed away.



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