Best Flamenco places in Seville

If you come to Seville Flamenco is a must, a thing you have to do or watch. Probably you could watch a good Flamenco show in Barcelona or Madrid but the right place to do so is without doubt Andalusia (Sevilla, Cadiz or Granada) because Flamenco was born here, where it was developed thanks to the nomad gypsis who established here in 15 century and mix themself with the local cultures like black slaves, jewish, muslims and christians... thanks to all those blends this special art is going to rise, today Flamenco is listed by UNESCO as Inmaterial Cultural Heritage. 

Todau we want to leave you in this post our personal recommendations where you can watch a good flamenco show in Seville and different options depend on your time and liking, at the end of the post also you can see some important tips!

-Casa de la Guitarra: Our favourite place in Seville. We love this stage because the artist are always very good, professionals and prize winners. The stage is small with very limited capacity and that is why the experience is much authentic. Is located in the historic city center of the city and belong to Jose Luis Postigo, famous flamenco guitar player who is now retired. If you are lucky maybe you can meet him! During mornings is also open because it has inside a Guitar Museum where you can admire the private collection of Jose Luis. 

-La Casala Teatro: Our option in Triana, the other side of Guadalquivir river. Is also a small place with daily shows. Is located inside the marketplace of Triana and that's why is a perfect spot to have some tapas before or after the show and do a tour in one of the most authentic neighborhood of Sevilla.

-Flamenco con Eva: If you want more than a show you can learn "compás", dance and percussion with Eva. She has a superb flamenco academy and will teach you how to palm, place your arms, tap your heels and if you dare some flamenco steps!

-El niño de la Alfalfa: If you are looking the authenticity a peña or "flamenco club" is your option. Best ones are outside the city, in the little towns, but here in Seville you can find some. My favourite is "Niño de la Alfalfa" located in Castellar street this place has show during weekends and really cheap. The bad thing is that usually these clubs are little bit informal with the schedule, you have to go with no rush, the show can start one or two hours later... around 11:30 pm!


Interesting TIPS:

-Do not go to a place that offer "Flamenco and dinner/tapas", Flamenco is an art to admire, to pay atention, to enjoy. You don't go to the opera to eat, right? Don't do that here. Feel the flamenco inside, ejoy it and then you eat!

-There are some bars in Seville like La Anselma, La Carboneria o Lo Nuestro that locals and hotels are going to recommend. These places are ok, very traditional and worth to have some drinks but NOT TO WATCH A FLAMENCO SHOW, in important not confuse this. Usually in these places you can see "Sevillana" shows and people enjoying the sevillian night, but nothing like the places we listed above. 

-Normally to watch a good flamenco show here cost less than 20€

-Don't choose a very large stage or tablao, where large groups go and hundred of people fit...experienice is not the same and they are more expensive.

-Read a little bit abour flamenco, watch some videos in youtube, inform yourself about Flamenco and don't go "blind" to the show. 

-Come to our "Feel the Flamenco" tour. We will explain you the origins of Flamenco, why this art is like this, everything you have to know about it and drink a glass of sherry wine together before watch the best show in town. An unforgettable experience!



Main pic:  Malojavio El Saucejo

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